About Us



The owner of State Building Maintenance Limited began his apprenticeship by learning his trade while working for a family owned business.  In time and after a move to the Toronto area he chose to continue in this business so established and then incorporated State Building Maintenance Limited.  He chose wisely in hiring his first employee.  His first employee was a chemistry graduate from the University of Waterloo and with their combined knowledge the company grew.

So our cleaning business began with one small account and quickly grew through an influx of referrals.  Our company became known for its effective and reliable services and today we continue to see the same influx of referrals by those who have seen the superb quality of our work, servicing Toronto, the GTA, Vaughan, Markham and Mississauga.


Our goal is to deliver on all our customer’s expectations, every request or concern dealt with, whether that be a once a year clean-up, periodic specialized jobs such as carpet cleaning, renovation cleaning etc. or a cleaning program to suit your needs, budget and schedule.  By partnering with our customer to form a long-term relationship and with a thorough understanding and assessment of our clients needs, our team of accomplished workers will exclusively focus on delivering exceptional and consistent work.  Our employees take pride in their work and no request is too demanding. We pick our employees for their knowledge, trustworthiness and dedication. We do NOT SUB-CONTRACT so you always know who is working for you, our efficient and dependable family of employees.

We understand that you want to continuously grow your business and how dismaying it is when you walk into an office, manufacturing plant, retail store or condominium first thing in the morning and see garbage uncollected, dirty floors/carpets, coffee rings left on desks, dirty windows and washrooms neglected.  State Building Maintenance Limited does not let that happen, all cleaning will be skilfully handled the night before so that staff and clients are always greeted by a clean and healthy environment.


We know what is required to run a business, how stressful it can be, we hope to reduce some of that pressure, the worry of hiring an unknown cleaning company.  Being in business for many years we understand that our clients need to know:

-that we are here to stay and just a phone call or email away

-have long-time satisfied customers and can provide REFERENCES on request

-are Insured and Bonded

-are members of WSIB

-fully trained on WHMIS and supply data sheets to our customers

-if you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied, our work is our reputation, Satisfaction is Guaranteed

-are fully experienced, but always adding to our skill and knowledge base as new products and building materials come on the market

-are forthright about new products, their pros and cons, new is NOT always better, be it a cleaning product or innovations in building materials

-have supervisors to lend a hand, make workplace checks and are on call

-because we care for and respect our staff we have low staff turnover

-our employees are trained by our supervisors and then specifically trained for each job site

-we provide Personal Protection Equipment for our employees

-our staff are always on watch for problems, plumbing, unsecured doors, lighting etc. and will inform management so these problems can be taken care of immediately

-offer Eco Friendly cleaning products if required

-we will buy, deliver, stock and date stamp all consumables such as garbage bags, paper products, hand soap etc. as part of our cleaning service so stock does not deplete or on a customer’s on-demand order

-will sell and install dispensers for washrooms


Our hard-working staff want to clean, want to please and want to take care of your business.

We have been in business since 1963, constantly growing, so we know the challenges you face when outsourcing OFFICE CLEANING SERVICES TORONTO AND COMMERCIAL CLEANING, FLOOR CLEANING AND FLOOR  REFINISHING, INDUSTRIAL CLEANING OR COMPLETE JANITORIAL SUPPLY SERVICES, just to name a few areas that we service, WE DO IT ALL.  So please contact us at 416-247-1290 or email us at info@sbml.ca