Floor Cleaning & Refinishing

Floor Cleaning & Refinishing - State Building Maintenance Limited

Your office is the nerve centre of your business.  It is a showcase to the work you and your team do. We are specialists in floor care and know that first impressions are important.  Proper floor cleaning adds lustre and extends the life of your floors.

Floor care is a combination of chemistry and hard work.  The first thing we do when we take over the care of your floor is take a good look at the floor material we are working with and see what damages, if any,  needs to be fixed before a clean.  Then we strip and clean the floor to give us a fresh surface to work with.

People often use words like waxing and refinishing as one and the same thing.  We at State Building Maintenance Limited do not wax floors but refinish floors with specialized floor care products.  Floor finishes are basically made up of five major products and when combined and used correctly produce a floor that is glossy, is slip resistant, water resistant, can be recoated, removed and can be buffed or burnished..

After the floor refinishing process, the floors are maintained daily, swept, washed and buffed if need be.

Buffing is a process where a machine with a soft pad, running at about 300 rpms, brings back the shine of your floors that are often scuffed from everyday foot traffic.

Burnishing – for that wet look finish your floors will need to be burnished.  Specialized machines called Burnishers, which run from about 800 rpms and up, are used with special pads to create this glisten.

Marble, terrazzo, vinyl, laminate and stone flooring are attractive and durable but require proper care.

Using the correct product is most important.  In our floor cleaning business our employees are experts in stripping, refinishing, buffing and burnishing of all floors.  Floors like marble, terrazzo and vinyl can be burnished to enhance their appearance.