Winter office cleaning tips for your business

It’s winter time, is your business ready? 

Keeping your workplace clean and healthy during the winter months is extremely important.  In addition to sand, slush and salt, winter is also a time when infectious illnesses increase amongst employees.

Maintaining clean and dry entrance ways are an extremely important element in keeping a safe winter workplace.  The salt and dirt dragged in from the outdoors can make your office dirty and can cause permanent damage to floors and carpets.  Slippery floors are extremely hazardous to your employee’s safety.  It is important to keep mats in the entrances and to ensure that hallways are regularly checked on and that water is quickly cleaned up. We recommend steam cleaning your carpets to ensure that pollutants are removed from your carpets.

Air quality in your office is another important part of your workplace’s environment.  Indoor air can have up to five times the amount of pollutants than outdoor air.  In the winter this air will circulate continuously throughout your workplace.  The first step is to ensure that your heating systems are properly maintained. Buildings will often collect more dust in the winter due to windows needing to be closed.  A professional duct cleaning will aid in getting dust out of your workplace.

In addition to cleaning all surfaces our team will clean hard to reach areas such as light fixtures, vents, ceiling fans and anywhere else dust can live.

Our office cleaning team are there to help keep your office clean and safe in the winter.   Our team of Office and Commercial Cleaning professionals have been providing high quality cleaning services since 1963.