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Commercial Floors: Janitorial and Finishing Services for a Toronto Winter Season

We are now fully engulfed in winter; there’s been a lot of snow so far and Mother Nature has a lot more in store over the next few months. Your floors can take a lot of damage during the winter with snowy and dirty foot traffic. At State Building Maintenance Limited (SBML), we have been keeping Toronto and area floors clean and damage-free from winter weather for over 50 years.

Our team of commercial cleaners are experienced cleaning vinyl, ceramic, marble, granite, terrazzo, porcelain, hardwood and carpeted floors clean. Keeping your workplace’s hardwood floors clean during the winter is a great investment, this will help prevent costly damages and keep your space looking pristine for years to come.

Winter comes with road salt, snow, slush, crystals from de-icers and gravel. Laying down floor mats at entrances can be a great way to help keep these elements from entering your floors, but they only provide so much protection through the course of a long Toronto winter. Without an ongoing cleaning and floor finishing plan, your floors can quickly look dirty, scratched and dull.

Many businesses need their floors cleaned daily to keep up with the mess generated by employees and clients. Smaller spaces may only need floors cleaned occasionally to eliminate winter messes. Our team at SBML can create a customized cleaning package that suits the needs and budget of your business, we can provide ongoing or one-time commercial floor cleaning packages.

We take a lot of pride in our janitorial team’s ability to make your commercial space look amazing. When cleaning floors we soak up any visual moisture, professionally sweep and damp mop all floors to make them remove all dirt and make them shine. If needed, our team can provide floor buffing to give your floors a stunning glossy finish. We can also make your floors look new again after being damaged by performing a professional recoating, our team can remove an old floor finish and simply reapply it.

Each of our clients has their own set of unique needs. We work with each of our customers to understand the services they need to both enhance the appearance of their floors and protect them. That’s why we provide a free no obligation quote to any business interested in improving the look of their space with commercial janitorial services. Many of the businesses interested in our cleaning services are unhappy with the current condition of their floors. We usually help clients by removing their current floor finishes and applying a brand new finish that better suits their needs. The results are spectacular with clients being stunned, we find a floor finish that produces clarity, buffablity, gloss, hardness and scratch, water and slip resistance. Our team will work with you to come up with a finish that offers instant results, long-term protection and easy ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

Traditionally, the coating of a floor was often referred to as waxing a floor. Modern floor coating chemicals both provide a wax covering and other synthetic floor coatings. Coating your floor with the best way to protect your floor during winter months; making them easier to clean while offering a very attractive shine.

In addition to having some of the Toronto regions most experienced commercial janitors and floor coating products, we also bring the best cleaning equipment to the job. Businesses with large entrance areas will often require the use of a specialized floor burnishing machine. Unlike a traditional floor buffing machine, burnishing a floor utilizes a device that rotates at a much slower speed. The slower rotation of a burnishing machine actually melts the floor surface by using friction to create a glass-like appearance.

Installing new floors in your office can be very expensive. Our goal at SBML is to keep your floors looking amazing and add years to the lifetime of your floors. The appearance of your business is a key component in your company’s success and our team of experienced commercial janitors will take care of all details of your floor’s cleaning and maintenance needs throughout the winter months. Learn more about our commercial floor cleaning and finishing services by contacting us today for a free quote. We can be reached at 416-247-1290