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Window Cleaning – Why Cleaning Your Windows Should be a Part of Your Springtime Clean

Windows can be a spring-time cleaning chore that many business owners overlook. Having clean windows will instantly make your workplace more attractive to clients, employees and other visitors entering your space. Our Toronto commercial cleaners have been keeping Toronto and area businesses clean since 1963 and throughout our history we’ve found that the springtime is an excellent time to have your windows professional cleaned.

It can be amazing to see how quickly windows can get dirty, especially after a long Toronto winter. Even with the expensive windows built with the best materials can gather dirt, smudges, pollutants, and even those unsightly messes left behind by birds. Windows designed for a commercial workplace are typically designed to be extremely resilient, but they still need regular cleaning to look sharp and clean throughout the course of the year. Having clean windows will instantly provide better natural light throughout your workplace and improve the air quality throughout your entire space.

Fine dirt and pebbles can gather in your windows, many are unaware that these particles will not only hurt the appearance of your windows, but crud can actually damage your window’s glass. Scratched glass, broken seals, and damaged hardware can happen when a window is forcefully opened or closed when foreign materials are located within the window.

On the surface, cleaning a window may seem like a simple task that can be accomplished with a rag, cleaner and some elbow grease, but there’s a lot more to the job. An experienced commercial janitor will inspect your window surfaces, looking for cracks in glass and damaged rubber sealing. Windows with even the slightest damage can result in higher heating and cooling expenses and can offer a gateway for unwanted bugs and outside pollutants. A professional window cleaning will make your office pristine and help save money by finding and fixing damages early.

During our process, we’ll clean all areas of your window. Our team of experienced cleaners will clean the glass, track, frame, and inside of your window, we’ll even clean all the dust and dirt from your blinds. There are various glass cleaning products on the market, our team will find the best window cleaning chemicals for your office space needs. If you have one, we’ll clean your window’s bug screen, clean it and vacuum out all the leftover crud that we find in the cracks and window hardware. Many people are shocked to see how much dirt can be found inside a window. We’ll check your window’s hardware including your hinges to make sure they are working as they should. The level of detail we put into cleaning a window can be hard to achieve without the right combination of experience and tools.

Uncleaned windows can also collect harmful mould when they are not cleaned. Moisture and outside pollutants can result in your windows having nasty stains or mould. Scrubbing your windows can remove mould, but can result in scratches on the glass when done too aggressively. Mould can be removed from your windows by gently cleaning the affected areas with vinegar. Sometimes bleach (one part bleach to four parts water) may be needed for harder to clean areas. Never put too much pressure on your window, seals are built to be tough, but they can break with too much pressure. A professional cleaner might be the best option to remove mould and stains on windows.

It’s important to clean your windows with a squeegee and a clean rag for wiping the rubber blade. Many people elect to simply use a paper towel to wash their windows, but this will result in dirt and dust simply being moved around the glass surface, not actually removing it.

At State Building Maintenance Limited (SBML) we take a lot of pride in our commercial cleaning work. No matter how big or small the job, you can expect the highest amount of professionalism and top-quality results. This philosophy has earned us an excellent reputation with businesses throughout the Toronto area. Contact us today to learn how we can make your windows clean and damage-free with our commercial window cleaning services. Our team will work with you to come up with a plan make your that suits your cleaning needs and budget.