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State Building Maintenance Limited incorporates a set of standards and protections when hiring our cleaning staff such that our customers can be confident that all our staff are professionally trained in the latest janitorial cleaning methods and tools by our company. Newly hired janitors that may come to us from another Toronto cleaning company often feel that they have the knowledge to immediately handle a new job but we re-teach as we have a proven track record of effective business and home cleaning methods.  Our loyal and satisfied customers will attest to our first-rate processes and professionalism.So initially when a new janitor comes to us we work along with them for several nights, teaching and changing, if necessary, their previous cleaning methods.  We instruct them on the correct usage of cleaning solutions, our system of restocking and date stamping supplies, the technique, and there is a technique, on working with our cleaning equipment, and something as simple but important, on which lights need to be left on/off when leaving an office. Our supervisors will also do on the spot checks and they are always on call to handle further questions from our employees or lend a hand. Our employees are also instructed to call us immediately if they come upon any problems such as plumbing etc. They must also notify us in advance when our company needs to bring in additional cleaning supplies. We retrain when introducing new janitorial equipment and solutions.

Our customers place great trust in us to care for their place of business, be it a Toronto office or factory, it is our responsibility to put an inordinate emphasis on protecting their premises, so State Building Maintenance Limited teach our cleaners on the proper procedure of opening and closing an office/ building, most often working with alarm systems. Only when we are completely satisfied with their working knowledge do we turn over the keys.

When a Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Mississauga cleaning company sub-contracts, and many do, they do not necessarily know the quality of work or the character of the company they are hiring, they may not have had the proper training so may not perform as expected.  Our janitorial company has the expertise to tackle the many jobs required in commercial and janitorial cleaning, be it for general offices, industrial, condominium or retail cleaning, so STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED DOES NOT SUB-CONTRACT.

It is also of the utmost importance that our commercial and janitorial cleaning services company protect our invaluable full and part-time employees, some of whom have worked with us until they have retired.  State Building Maintenance Limited is registered with WSIB, the Workplace Safety Insurance Board that states it “administers compensation and no-fault insurance for Ontario workplaces”.  This insurance gives peace of mind to our cleaners as it provides lost wages to employees injured on the job and added protection to the company they work for.

To further protect our janitorial staff, we supply them with PPE, personal protection equipment.  How they are protected and what they are supplied with depends on the facility and area they are working in. For general commercial cleaning, they are supplied with gloves and masks and easy to use portable carts for less strain when gathering garbage.  For industrial, manufacturing or warehouse jobs, in addition, we also provide our staff with safety glasses, hard-toed work shoes and safety vests and at times they must wear hard hats.

We are also certified members of WHMIS, the Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems. This is a government course we have taken to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the companies we work for. Our suppliers must classify all their products according to hazard and label all solutions as to their use along with warning labels.  They must also make available Material Safety Data Sheets, MSDS, on all products we order. These sheets are put into the Janitor Supply Room so in the event of an emergency the MSDS will be provided to a Doctor. We also provide these information sheets to our customers so they have data on each product that we regularly use. We also spend additional time to make sure that our employees, whose first language is not English, can understand signage and follow through on our rules when working with solutions and equipment.

To give further assurance to our clients we are bonded and insured.  In a cleaning business, a bond represents a form of insurance that protects against theft and damage.  State Building Maintenance Limited carries Liability Insurance, a Dishonesty Bond and Key Loss Insurance so as to remain dependable in the eyes of our customers. State Building Maintenance Limited, proudly serving our customers since 1963, is here to stay and WE DO IT ALL, so please check out our Janitorial page as to all the services that we can offer your company.

To find out more about our Janitorial Services please call us for a free quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at info@sbml.ca

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