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At State Building Maintenance Limited we know first-hand how important first impressions are. The minute clients or customers walk into your office space they are evaluating your company – that’s why having hired an office cleaning service to provide a clean environment is so important. The product or service you offer can be leading the industry – but if a client shows up for a meeting and the space isn’t clean it will deeply affect your brand and in turn their perception of your company.

At State Building Maintenance Limited we work with hundreds of businesses in the GTA and offer superior cleaning services in Vaughan and Toronto, to make sure that every day they are presenting the best of their offices and businesses.

An often-overlooked aspect of having a clean workplace is how important it is to create a healthy environment not only for clients and customers but also for your employees. Your employees could easily be spending the majority of their week in the workplace – it’s important that you provide a place of work where they can be productive. By investing this service into your company, you are letting your employees know, on a psychological level, that you are investing in their well-being. Your employees will no doubt respond to this with greater productivity and dedication to their work.

There is well-documented evidence that there is a strong correlation between employee productivity and the cleanliness of their work environment. Many offices have implemented a ‘clean desk’ policy which encourages employees to tidy and organize their desks on a regular basis. By providing a space for your company that is clean and orderly your employees will be more productive and enjoy coming to work.

Your company no doubt dedicates a significant portion of your annual budget to things such as marketing, social media engagement and sales – these components of your business all work together to present your brand in the best possible light. Your office space is a physical extension of your brand – so one of the easiest ways to take care of your brand is to hire the right office cleaning service to take care of your office.

Throughout the year it is also important that your employees stay healthy. It was estimated last year that in North America 111 million workdays were lost by people staying home due to the flu. Viruses, cold’s and flu’s can easily spread around the workplace via shared common areas, door handles, computer keyboards and via the washrooms. By scheduling a cleaning service to do regular thorough cleaning of your space you will disinfect your office area which in turn will lead to less sick days for your employees.

During the fall and winter when the weather changes we find most of our clients require greater care of their entryways and common walkways. Rain and snow, if not attended to, can cause tripping hazards for your staff and clients. At State Building Maintenance Limited we take safety seriously – therefore our staff have become experts at identifying hazards and taking care of issues to eliminate the risks. We also find that some businesses forget the long-term damage snow, ice and salt can have to their carpets. At State Building Maintenance Limited we can clean carpets which will not only make them look nicer but will make them last longer.

Another aspect of safety is the various cords and wires that naturally inhabit our modern buildings – while employees might become used to them, your clients and customers may not notice them, and they can become a tripping hazard. Our staff are trained to carefully clean and move cords and wires neatly away from where people could be walking thus eliminating the tripping hazard. Our staff also keep an eye out for problems that may be noticed after hours but could have negative consequences for your business: plumbing issues, unsecured doors, burnt out lights – if our staff notice these issues they will inform management so that these problems can be taken care of immediately.

You can be assured that at State Building Maintenance Limited we use the most up to date equipment and tools, our equipment is always in good working condition and well-maintained. If requested, we can also use Eco-Friendly cleaning products. If you have asked us to clean your space during regular working hours you can be rest assured that our staff will be sensitive to your operations and will work around your employees with minimal disruption. Our staff are self-directed and won’t bother you or your employees with questions as they get down to the task of cleaning your space.

Our staff are what makes State Building Maintenance Limited a success. Our staff are well-trained, punctual and care about what they do; they are fully trained on WSIB and we can supply data sheets to our customers. We guarantee that our staff will leave your space clean and orderly every time we visit your business. We take great care in hiring our employees – and as an independently owned business you can be rest assured, we know the challenges business owners face and we will clean your space as if it was our own. We do not sub-contract out so you can depend on our family of employees.

When you contract us to work with you, we will visit your space at your convenience and review your company’s needs. Whether you need a once a year clean-up or would like to organize a regular schedule of cleaning we can work with you to create a specific schedule for your needs depending on your budget. Most of our clients have come via referral, and we are fortunate to have many long-term clients.

As business owners ourselves we have an in-depth understanding of how stressful running your own business can be. You can be confident than when hiring State Building Maintenance Limited that we are 100% reliable and we are just a phone call or email away. We are happy, and in fact proud, to provide prospective clients references from our years in business. We are constantly investing in training our staff so that we can pass along our skill and knowledge to our customers about new cleaning materials and methods as they come on the market.

Since 1963 we have been providing cleaning services to businesses in the GTA, Vaughan, Markham and Mississauga. There can be challenges to find a reliable cleaning company – but with State Building Maintenance Limited any worries you have can be put to rest – we want to exceed your expectations and help your business succeed.

We look forward to hearing from you, please give us a call at 416-247-1290 or email us at

Office Cleaning Services Toronto & Vaughan

Office Cleaning Services Toronto & Vaughan