Office Cleaning Toronto – Summer Cleaning 2016



Employees do appreciate, during our hot southern Ontario summers, the cooling sensation from their building’s air conditioning unit but with that benefit State Building Maintenance Limited also knows that dust and allergens can be an issue.  Because everything is locked down tight to keep offices cool, one would think that allergies would not be a problem but as staff enter their offices pollen, dust and mold spores are carried in on clothing and footwear.  They settle on everything, these particles even float down into your keyboards.

For many allergy sufferers the season can start in the early spring and last until our first frost.  And unfortunately the itching and sneezing will often cut into an employee’s productivity.  So it is imperative that State Building Maintenance Limited bring in trained staff and the correct cleaning equipment to remove those irritants that can hinder the work of allergy sufferers. State Building Maintenance Limited starts their cleaning process at the ceiling and works their way down with special emphasis put on air vents, soft materials such as upholstered furniture that will harbor allergens deep in their fibres, desks, chairs, computers, phones and carpets. If it fits within your budget we recommend a nightly cleaning or at a minimum a bi-weekly cleaning.


Whether you have hired a contractor to take down a wall, update the building’s bathrooms, renovate an entire office or home or construct a new building, State Building Maintenance Limited knows what a headache it can be to find the correct post-construction cleaning crew. With dust flying everywhere, paints blobs where they shouldn’t be, wood shavings from cutting baseboards, the odd bit of general debris etc., construction companies try their best to clean up after themselves but are not formally trained in this work.  The crew at State Building Maintenance Limited is properly trained and highly effective in quickly removing all evidence of post-construction mess. We know that living with the dust etc. created by renovations can in itself cause health problems so it is our job to do away with those dusty problems.  Our company, a complete JANITORIAL SERVICE, deals with post-construction cleans-ups in TORONTO, the GTA, VAUGHAN and MISSISSAUGA.


Major Leaks and Flood Clean-ups

State Building Maintenance Limited is all too familiar with flood clean-ups.  Over the years we have encountered burst pipes, many window leaks due to faulty caulking and general flooding caused by heavy rains seeping into building because of incorrectly sloping sills, pavements and landscaping.  Standing water will cause much damage so it is imperative that companies immediately call experienced flood/water damage cleaning companies such as State Building Maintenance Limited.  There is more to flood clean-ups than just extracting the water.

The staff at State Building Maintenance Limited has the necessary experience and equipment to extract rain water and burst pipe flooding from both hard surfaces and carpeting.  We come in with water extractors, the proper hosing, boots and high velocity fans to quicken the drying process. As your carpets have been effected, after removing all water, we will then treat your carpets with an odour control solution and use anti-browning agents.

After the drying process is complete then a judgement has to be made as to what damage, if any, needs to be corrected, such as installing new underlay.

So whether you need help this summer with a flood clean-up, a post construction clean-up or need to get better control of allergens in the workplace, please call State Building Maintenance Limited.  Our expert staff are knowledgeable, dependable and consistent in the quality of their work when it comes to servicing our customers.  For a free quote please call us at 416-247-1290 or email us at  WE DO IT ALL!