Office Cleaning Services and Allergies


Office Cleaning Services for Allergies in Commercial, Manufacturing, Condominium and Retail Spaces

The weather may have warmed and staff can now be seen sitting outside during their lunch break, but for some of us at this time of year spring brings nothing but sneezes, itchy eyes, coughs and a general malaise. For all those who suffer from spring allergies the culprit is pollen and in the spring one of the first known offenders are our trees, followed by grasses. Pollen, miniscule particles, released from our trees and carried by the wind, are then brought into our workplace by adhering to our clothes and our footwear and unfortunately end up in our noses to bring on the achoos, with allergy sufferers feeling miserable.

You may glean much information from your Dr. on how to handle spring allergies and he may also recommend medications, both off the shelf and on prescription, and on the internet there is much household cleaning advice for allergy sufferers. But in general, business owners may not know what EXTRA OFFICE CLEANING PROCEDURES can be performed by State Building Maintenance Limited to alleviate some of your employees’ suffering. Some of these measures are often part of our regular cleaning program, frequently on a three-month basis, but others are on “as the customer requests”.

We all know how ill we feel when we are stricken with a cold that lasts about two weeks and how it affects our productivity but with allergy sufferers the suffering is ongoing, so it is easily understandable that anything State Building Maintenance Limited can do to remove pollen and its nasty effects will increase your employee’s productivity. So what can State Building Maintenance Limited do to help in these situations you may wonder?  We will put down entrance mats, that can be purchased from our company, these mats will help sluff off some of the pollen that has stuck to staff and customers’ footwear.  At this time of year we recommend an entrance mat that has a rougher texture to facilitate pollen removal. These mats should be vacuumed nightly.   If your business has a separate area for jackets and it is not a wardrobe policy to wear dress jackets, place your jackets away from your workstation.  Every little effort will be appreciated by allergy sufferers. Keeping a box of tissue on your desk, which State Building Maintenance Limited can supply, is a welcomed gesture.

But it is our efficient nighttime office, condo and manufacturing cleaning by our trained staff that can reduce this suffering the most.  Besides our usual nighttime office and janitorial cleaning routine, we pay special attention to those areas that will harbour pollen.  If staff walk in with pollen on their clothes and proceed to sit down on fabric chairs State Building Maintenance Limited suggests a thorough nighttime vacuuming of any soft material and at some point, in the late spring, a steam cleaning of all upholstery.   And even though your business may not yet be ready for a spring window cleaning we recommend a monthly vacuuming of the window sills and tracks. Have you taken a good look at your blinds, both horizontal and vertical?  If it is not part of your maintenance program to have the dust removed every three months, now would be the perfect time to request this action. But don’t forget to arrange for that inside/outside window cleaning.

In our homes, we can replace our furnace fillers and have our vents cleaned as often as we choose but in businesses, whether they be Commercial, Industrial or Retail, it is not that simple.  Pollen is a sticky substance and with air movement pollen can stick to anything, so we say “look up”.  This is where HIGH LEVEL CLEANING comes in. Not only are we talking about the tops of doors, bookshelves, pictures frames, partitions, washroom stalls, cupboards, fridges etc. but as part of your cleaning program we suggest you have written in your quote, at least seasonally, high level cleaning.  This may involve specialize equipment where we will clean your air intake vents, your air conditioning vents, door vents, clean your lighting fixtures and remove all cobwebs. Even large leafed plants, whether natural or artificial, should be wiped down.  For those staff who suffer from allergies and who have enclosed offices within your company one can purchase room air purifiers.  Make sure you purchase one that lists the removal of pollen and mold spores.

Many allergy sufferers are delighted to see spring rains as rain washes the pollen out of the air but that can create another problem, with moisture and humidity comes mold.  So spring’s problems can be twofold. Spring rains may show up weaknesses in windows sills causing flooding down the walls and onto your floors.  It is important that your cleaning company be notified immediately to deal with this moisture so MOLD does not have a chance to take hold, as many people are also allergic to mold as well as pollen. One often notices mold not from sight but from smell, such as the smell of MUSTY carpets when standing water has not been removed. So if that is your problem, State Building Maintenance Limited will steam clean your carpets, or rotary clean your carpets, a faster drying method, using the appropriate cleaner plus a deodorizing and an anti-browning agent.

So as you see, there is much State Building Maintenance Limited can do to make life less miserable for those suffering from allergies. And with good health comes better productivity for your business. So please call us as we will be only be too happy to do a walk through of your business, giving recommendations, with no obligation, as to how your company can better the health of your office staff.

Our knowledgeable and professionally trained office cleaning staff will be there to service and maintain all your office cleaning and janitorial needs, no matter what size your COMMERCIAL, RETAIL, INDUSTRIAL, or CONDOMINUM space is. Please call State Building Maintenance Limited at 416-247-1290 or email us for a free QUOTE