Using De-Icers to Melt Snow and Ice and Keep Your Toronto Business Safe all Winter

Winter has now arrived in the Toronto region. The snowy surroundings may suit the holiday season, but slippery surfaces outside your business can be a danger to your staff and visitors. Avoid potential slips and hazardous falls with ice melting crystals. At State Building Maintenance Limited (SBML) we work all season long to make sure your driveways, sidewalks, and entrances are safe from ice, snow and slush.

There are various de-icer products on the market, each solution is meant to stop ice from forming. Our team of experienced winter maintenance professionals will often use a truck to spray a melting product on a parking lot’s pavement before a snow or ice storm arrives. Smaller surfaces such as sidewalks require ice melting crystals to be spread by hand or with a spreader. Again, crystals are spread before a storm hits to avoid ice build-up.

A winter maintenance professional will know the right amount of de-icing products to use, applying too much product can have an adverse effect. Some de-icer crystals are coloured to give a visual guide of where the product has been spread. It’s important to shovel heavy snow before applying ice crystals, the product is not meant to melt large amounts of ice and snow.

We’ve been providing building maintenance services in the Toronto region for over 50 years. During this time we’ve gained a strong understanding of the unique challenges presented by a Toronto winter and we utilize this experience to bring the right ice melting products to your business. With temperatures often dipping below minus -15 degrees Celsius, we bring snow and ice melting products designed for very cold temperatures.

We only bring the best de-icer products to your business. Our team is there to help around the clock with porter and nightly cleaning and janitorial services. If needed, we have the ability to provide snow and ice removal services twice daily. We refuse to take any chances when it comes to the safety of your staff or visitors.

With so many ice and snow melting products on the market, it’s essential to find the right solution for your business’ needs. We carry a wide range of products, including everything from rock salt to calcium chloride. Our team will work with you to determine the best product for your business. Some crystals can damage outdoor surfaces and lawns when used in excess amounts and can be hazardous to the paws of pets. By working with a professional you will ensure that you are using a solution that suits your unique needs. Ice and snow melting crystals are a great option for many of our clients, but it’s important to use them properly. The product will instantly increase the grip on the surface and will melt ice quickly. With over 50 Toronto winters under our belt, we bring the right products and experience to every job.

Demand for de-icing products can vary from year to year, with some solutions becoming hard to purchase. We like to plan ahead to make sure we’re stock up on enough ice melting agents to get your business through the winter.

We want to help keep your winter sure-footed. Stay out of the cold and let our experienced team at State Building Maintenance Limited keep your parking lots, walkways and entrances clear of ice and snow this winter. We’ll give your business peace of mind by providing a solution that suits your needs and budget. Get more information about our Toronto winter maintenance and janitorial services by contacting us at 416-247-1290 or email us at