Commercial Cleaning Services 2017


In commercial office cleaning, Venetian and Vertical Blind Cleaning is a necessity and generally part of our cleaning quote.  Every client will notice that coffee spill on their carpet but not necessarily the dust on their blinds, it is most often noticed when the sun’s blinding glare affects an employee’s vision or when summer’s heat hits the office windows and office workers go to adjust the blinds.  But it is essential to clean blinds on a regular basis, keeping blinds free of dust will help reduce the symptoms of asthma, of those who suffer from allergies and largely make breathing much easier for all.

It is important to set up a systematic cleaning schedule as blinds, whether they be vinyl, wood or metal, are dust magnets.  The dust settles along the blades and on the cords and even into the blind valances.  State Building Maintenance Limited suggests that as and integral part of your cleaning program that blinds be cleaned every three months. Some of our customers leave it as a “on demand call” in their quote as they may need it less often or at certain times of the year a blind cleaning every month, especially if their business is frequented by high traffic or there are many shredders in constant use.  The owner of an office building, condominium, townhouse etc. may call in a blind cleaning request as part of a move-in clean along with window cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning or a general full in-depth clean-up before it is shown to prospective tenants. It is also a good time, when blind cleaning, to vacuum and wipe down all intake vents and all air conditioning vents.


With our long days of summer and now much sun streaming in our windows we can’t avoid seeing the grime and stains that have happened over the winter months to all our soft materials. The cleaning process of soft materials requires specialized cleaning solutions that will break up stains and grime.  As most fabrics are delicate and to protect the fragility of your material, chairs and sofas are lightly sprayed with the appropriate solution, the solution extracted to remove grime and moisture and in addition we gently hand clean with a soft cloth if needed.  In most cases drapery is sent out to be cleaned but as dust easily nestles into drapery folds we recommend that an “every three-month drapery vacuuming” be put into your cleaning program.


Just a reminder from State Building Maintenance Limited that if you have not already requested a spring carpet cleaning now would be the time to book an appointment for a general assessment, quote and a cleaning.  Summer in Ontario can be hot, wet and humid, especially the months of July and August, and not always the best time to add more moisture into your office air.  We handle carpet cleaning all throughout the year but spring, fall and even winter are the preferred times for comfort reasons. But if you do need that forgotten spring carpet cleaning job, no matter the weather, we are always on the job, but during the summer months it is advisable to book your carpet cleaning for a Friday night or on a Saturday so there is more time for the moisture to dissipate.  To help this along we bring in and leave air movers until the carpet is dry.  If you prefer not to deal with a steam cleaning we can offer Rotary Carpet Cleaning.  Rotary carpet cleaning works with specific dryer cleaning solutions, that when used with a scrubber draws dirt to the surface of the carpet, that dirt is then vacuumed up with an industrial strength vacuum. By using this method, it will normally take one to two hours to dry your carpets.


A client’s first sighting of your building should be welcoming.   In summer, garbage can’t be hidden, as it often is by winter snows.  As part of your daily cleaning program, your walkways should be swept of debris, gum splotches should be scraped away and garbage bins should be emptied, wiped down and relined. By law cigarette smoking in not permitted within 9 meters of entrances and exits so ash and cigarette butt receptacles should be placed that distance away to discourage littering.  These containers also need to be emptied and cleaned on a daily basis. If greenery overhangs the walkway and interferes with foot traffic, shrubbery should be trimmed.  If your office is part of building complex your building manager should be requesting these cleans as part of our quote.

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