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Office Cleaning Services Toronto and Vaughan

State Building Maintenance Limited – Office Cleaning Services for Toronto and Vaughan

At State Building Maintenance Limited we know first-hand how important first impressions are. The minute clients or customers walk into your office space they are evaluating your company – that’s why having hired an office cleaning service to provide a clean environment is so important. The product or service you offer can be leading the industry – but if a client shows up for a meeting and the space isn’t clean it will deeply affect your brand and in turn their perception of your company.

At State Building Maintenance Limited we work with hundreds of businesses in the GTA and offer superior cleaning services in Vaughan and Toronto, to make sure that every day they are presenting the best of their offices and businesses.

An often-overlooked aspect of having a clean workplace is how important it is to create a healthy environment not only for clients and customers but also for your employees. Your employees could easily be spending the majority of their week in the workplace – it’s important that you provide a place of work where they can be productive. By investing this service into your company, you are letting your employees know, on a psychological level, that you are investing in their well-being. Your employees will no doubt respond to this with greater productivity and dedication to their work.

There is well-documented evidence that there is a strong correlation between employee productivity and the cleanliness of their work environment. Many offices have implemented a ‘clean desk’ policy which encourages employees to tidy and organize their desks on a regular basis. By providing a space for your company that is clean and orderly your employees will be more productive and enjoy coming to work.

Your company no doubt dedicates a significant portion of your annual budget to things such as marketing, social media engagement and sales – these components of your business all work together to present your brand in the best possible light. Your office space is a physical extension of your brand – so one of the easiest ways to take care of your brand is to hire the right office cleaning service to take care of your office.

Throughout the year it is also important that your employees stay healthy. It was estimated last year that in North America 111 million workdays were lost by people staying home due to the flu. Viruses, cold’s and flu’s can easily spread around the workplace via shared common areas, door handles, computer keyboards and via the washrooms. By scheduling a cleaning service to do regular thorough cleaning of your space you will disinfect your office area which in turn will lead to less sick days for your employees.

During the fall and winter when the weather changes we find most of our clients require greater care of their entryways and common walkways. Rain and snow, if not attended to, can cause tripping hazards for your staff and clients. At State Building Maintenance Limited we take safety seriously – therefore our staff have become experts at identifying hazards and taking care of issues to eliminate the risks. We also find that some businesses forget the long-term damage snow, ice and salt can have to their carpets. At State Building Maintenance Limited we can clean carpets which will not only make them look nicer but will make them last longer.

Another aspect of safety is the various cords and wires that naturally inhabit our modern buildings – while employees might become used to them, your clients and customers may not notice them, and they can become a tripping hazard. Our staff are trained to carefully clean and move cords and wires neatly away from where people could be walking thus eliminating the tripping hazard. Our staff also keep an eye out for problems that may be noticed after hours but could have negative consequences for your business: plumbing issues, unsecured doors, burnt out lights – if our staff notice these issues they will inform management so that these problems can be taken care of immediately.

You can be assured that at State Building Maintenance Limited we use the most up to date equipment and tools, our equipment is always in good working condition and well-maintained. If requested, we can also use Eco-Friendly cleaning products. If you have asked us to clean your space during regular working hours you can be rest assured that our staff will be sensitive to your operations and will work around your employees with minimal disruption. Our staff are self-directed and won’t bother you or your employees with questions as they get down to the task of cleaning your space.

Our staff are what makes State Building Maintenance Limited a success. Our staff are well-trained, punctual and care about what they do; they are fully trained on WSIB and we can supply data sheets to our customers. We guarantee that our staff will leave your space clean and orderly every time we visit your business. We take great care in hiring our employees – and as an independently owned business you can be rest assured, we know the challenges business owners face and we will clean your space as if it was our own. We do not sub-contract out so you can depend on our family of employees.

When you contract us to work with you, we will visit your space at your convenience and review your company’s needs. Whether you need a once a year clean-up or would like to organize a regular schedule of cleaning we can work with you to create a specific schedule for your needs depending on your budget. Most of our clients have come via referral, and we are fortunate to have many long-term clients.

As business owners ourselves we have an in-depth understanding of how stressful running your own business can be. You can be confident than when hiring State Building Maintenance Limited that we are 100% reliable and we are just a phone call or email away. We are happy, and in fact proud, to provide prospective clients references from our years in business. We are constantly investing in training our staff so that we can pass along our skill and knowledge to our customers about new cleaning materials and methods as they come on the market.

Since 1963 we have been providing cleaning services to businesses in the GTA, Vaughan, Markham and Mississauga. There can be challenges to find a reliable cleaning company – but with State Building Maintenance Limited any worries you have can be put to rest – we want to exceed your expectations and help your business succeed.

We look forward to hearing from you, please give us a call at 416-247-1290 or email us at

Office Cleaning Services Toronto & Vaughan

Office Cleaning Services Toronto & Vaughan

Office Cleaning Toronto – Floor Cleaning

Floor Cleaning Due to Flooding in Vaughan and the Toronto – How to Save Your Carpet and Flooring After a Flood

Office Cleaning Toronto – Tips 

A flood can have a catastrophic effect on your home, causing stress and financial hardship for homeowners in Vaughan and throughout the Toronto region. We’ve been providing professional janitorial services since 1963 and during this time we’ve helped many homeowners recover after a flood. Mother Nature can carry a heavy punch, but there are some things you can do after a flood to prevent harmful mould growth and permanent damage to your carpets or flooring.

It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause damage to your home’s flooring. A little bit of moisture and a warm dark space can be a perfect environment for mould to grow. Unfortunately, a flood can cause power outages making it hard to regulate your home’s temperature and lighting. Mould can grow without you noticing it, especially in carpets, floor padding and within the insulation in your walls. Everyone will react differently to mould; health effects can range from cold-like symptoms, skin and eye irritation, or more severe reactions for people suffering from dangerous mould allergies.

Mould will grow quickly, so you’ll want to dry water damaged areas of your home quickly. Simple tools such as a strong fan, bleach, chemical cleaners, and some elbow grease can do a great job if they are utilized quickly. A hard day of scrubbing on your hands and knees is the best way to limit the growth of mould in your home after a flood. It is a good idea to wear a mask, especially if you have a history to mould allergies.

Office Cleaning Toronto

A wet/dry vacuum is the best way to remove standing water from your carpet or floor surfaces. They are easy and affordable to rent if you don’t already own one. Not only will they remove a lot of water, they will be able to help you dry hard to reach spaces. Removing all water right away is the most important step in your post-flood cleanup.


Try to get as many fans as possible blowing after you’ve removed the water from your floor. You’ll want to keep fans running non-stop after a flood to completely dry your floor. Fans will not only help dry your floor, they will also stop mould from growing by circulating air throughout your home. Try to keep your fans going for at least a full week after your flood. Again, industrial grade fans can be rented at various locations throughout the city. Be sure to open all the windows in your house right away to increase air flow. Dehumidifiers are another excellent tool for your flood cleanup. Running a dehumidifier will help remove excess moisture in the air. They will also instantly cool the air in the room, making it harder for mould the thrive. Badly damaged carpets will likely need to be pulled up to properly dry the floor underneath.

Once your carpet is completely dried you’ll want to make your carpet clean again. Steam cleaning all carpets after a flood is the best way to properly sanitize and deodorize them. You will probably need to replace your carpet padding, it’s going to be a small cost when compared to re-carpeting the areas impacted by the flood. It’s not just your floor, anything that was touched by water should be cleaned. Clean all the walls, baseboards, and any other surfaces with soap and water. Sanitize these regions with a solution of 1.5 cups of bleach to one gallon of water (be sure to wear a good pair of rubber gloves). Inspect the items in your house for water damage. Remove your furniture and other large items from the wet region of your home right away. Items submerged in water for more than 48 hours will likely be damaged beyond repair. Don’t try to safe items that have been contaminated by raw sewage, oil, or other harmful waste created by the flood. Appliances are often damaged by a flood, be sure to have the connections and electric components of your devices checked before turning them on again.

It may be emotionally draining, but it’s important to document all damages with a detailed inventory list and high-resolution photos. The insurance claim process can be challenging, and early preparation is the best way to make the process easier.

Water damage to your floors after a flood can cause some serious issues to your home and it’s something that needs to be dealt with right away. The long-term effects of mould, mildew and sewage on your flooring can negatively impact the health of your family and can cause your home to instantly decrease in value. Calling an experienced janitorial company is the best way to prevent long-term damages to floors after a flood. Our team of experienced floor cleaners have been helping Vaughan and Toronto area homeowners and businesses clean up after floods for over 50 years. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your property is the right hands. Contact us today with any questions on how we can help with floor cleaning due to flooding.

Office Cleaning Toronto: Spring Cleaning by SBML

Office Cleaning TorontoThe spring season is upon us and it is the perfect time to focus on cleaning your building. State Building Maintenance Limited provides office cleaning services in Toronto and Vaughan and we know there are numerous reasons to keep your office or residential building clean and well maintained. Following the conditions of a harsh winter buildings and their immediate surroundings can show the wear and tear of the season.

Whether you operate a condominium, commercial, industrial or retail business State Building Maintenance can offer complete office cleaning services Toronto to bring your space up to the highest standards.

If you are a property manager of a condominium residence we can provide complete ongoing service to maintain your property – this can include the maintenance of outside areas, inside corridors and common spaces. If you are just looking for a ‘one-time’ specific job to be completed we can perform tasks such as cleaning carpets to remove the winter salt and grime and clean external windows. At State Building Maintenance Limited we are a highly trained, dependable and respected in the cleaning business. Our staff have worked on a broad range of buildings and can take on any task.

Our company prides itself on our attention to detail; we consider every building and space we work on as our own. If requested our team can closely examine the outside space of your building and while cleaning the sidewalks and property adjacent to your building we can also keep a watchful eye out and report back one any concrete or fixtures that may have been damaged over the winter. We can also take care of upkeep on external trash and cigarette receptacles.

Whether you are in a residential or commercial building one of the first things people notice when visiting a space is the windows. Dusty, grimy windows can ruin the experience of your building from both the outside and the inside. Our company is specially trained to manage a thorough cleaning of all windows, doors, tracks and door frames; we leave all glass surfaces crystal clean and streak free. Should we find any issues with your windows, such as missing caulking or cracks we will note them and immediately inform you.

When working on window spaces our company can also do a deep clean of your blinds and any other window treatments. Blinds, whether they are made of plastic, wood or fabric can trap a terrific amount of dust throughout the year. This dust is continually circulating in your space and impacts the well-being of your people using the space.

Beyond blinds we also provide complete cleaning services for indoor furniture that may be made of wood, metal or fabric. We can spot clean stains and steam clean common furniture like chairs and couches. If you manage a space such as a medical building or a daycare centre we highly recommend a continual program of deep cleaning. The CDC estimates that nearly 111 million workdays are lost each year due to colds and flus. Poor air quality also aggravates lung-related conditions such as asthma. A rigorous cleaning program helps keep communal germs and keeps your clients healthy.

At State Building Maintenance Limited we know the importance of first impressions. One of the most important part of any building is your lobby. Lobbies are often neglected during the winter months – spring is a perfect time to give some extra TLC to this highly used space. Beyond cleaning the entrance windows and doors, our company can professionally refinish your floor and even burnish it to create the modern wet look.

Beyond your lobby many modern spaces have floors created using hardwood, vinyl, tiles or marble. Whatever the material the floors take a tremendous beating during the winter months. Our expert staff can examine your flooring and create cleaning solutions that can bring your floor back to its original lustre.

At State Building Maintenance Limited we will work with you to develop a cleaning program to suit your needs; whether you require a one time specific job done or a complete spring cleaning of your space we guarantee the highest standard of work. We work with companies with a range of budgets and can discuss options with you. We have a proven track record and a long list of satisfied clients we have worked with. Please give us a call to receive a free quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at

State Building Maintenance – Office Cleaning Toronto

Toronto Office Cleaning Services

Winter Cleaning Services for Commercial Buildings – How to Keep Your Toronto Office Clean Throughout the Winter Season

Winter is now in full effect and it’s time to up your cleaning game. Snow, ice and cold weather bring a host of cleaning chores that need to be done regularly to keep your workspace neat and tidy. Life is busy, but regularly cleaning your space during the winter will help you maintain a high level of professionalism and protect your investment at the same time.

Flooring often takes the brunt of the abuse during the winter season, and it is one of the first things your customers will see once they enter your business. A clean place of business projects an important image to customers, employees and other professionals; it may be subliminal but cleanliness is an important first impression that matters. Winter can cause permanent damage to your office’s tiles, wood, or carpeting. The salt covering outdoor walkways can quickly wear out flooring causing it to look dull and can even result in long-term damage. Regular professional floor cleaning is an excellent way to make your flooring look pristine and protect your investment for years to come. Be sure to have floor mats at all entryways and sweep the floor a few times throughout the day. Winter residue left on floors should be cleaned up often with proper cleaning products.

Various chemicals are used to de-ice outdoor walkways, these solutions help people from slipping, but they can wreak havoc on the flooring of your business. When not managed, these chemicals can cause staining, make wood floors swell, cause the laminate to curl, and even result in mould growing. A Toronto commercial cleaning service will have the right combination of floor cleaning chemicals, equipment and experience to do the job right the first time.

The days are shorter during winter, this causes the coffee pot to run a little longer and results in the lights being on more frequently. A lack of natural lighting means you’ll burn through more light bulbs in the winter. Replacing light bulbs may seem like a simple chore, but poor lighting combined with slippery floors is a recipe for disaster for any company.

During warmer weather furnaces and ducts remain dormant, during this time they can collect a large amount of dust, pollen and even mould spores. Once the heat is turned on, these potentially harmful bacteria and allergens can fill your workplace and can result in poor air quality, possibly causing illness to your staff. Professional cleaners will ensure your furnace is clean and pumping out clean air. High-efficiency furnace filters will instantly improve air quality and help keep your office’s heating system running as it should throughout the winter season.

Sick days can really take a strain on a company’s productivity and hurt the bottom line. Viruses such as the flu and the common cold thrive during the winter with weaker hygiene habits and immune systems. It’s critical to regularly disinfect and sanitize your Toronto workspace from top to bottom throughout the year, but especially during the winter months. Increase the frequency of your cleaning, especially in high traffic areas such as foyers.

You have a lot on your plate, let our team of janitors at SBML take care of your commercial winter cleaning needs. We’re an experienced and fully bonded professional cleaning company providing commercial cleaning services in Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and throughout the Toronto region.  We have been providing winter cleaning services to businesses such as yours since 1963. Our team will work with you to design a winter cleaning package that suits your needs and budget. Start today

Office Cleaning Toronto – Pre-Cleans


State Building Maintenance Limited understands, for both the Realtor and Homeowner, the importance of a detailed cleaning of your house/condo before your For-Sale sign goes up and you hold that first Open House.  It is our job to reduce your stress before you showcase your home.  Every prospective buyer begins by looking at the big pictures then starts taking in the details.  Marked flooring and walls, moldy bathrooms, greasy stoves etc. can be a deterrent to prospective buyers. Our cleaning company never wants to see that happen so our highly-trained crews will put our years of experience to work for you and make sure that your home is inviting to all potential buyers.

We understand that all sellers cannot invest in re-landscaping their property before an Open House but there is much you can do to enhance your CURB APPEAL.  A buyer should see

  • a neatly cut and trimmed lawn
  • weeds pulled from a garden bed
  • dead shrubs/plants removed
  • spot free windows
  • a washed down front porch, sidewalk and driveway
  • sparkling outdoor lights
  • garbage bins removed from the buyer’s sightline, preferably stored in a garage
  • if you have interlock make sure that these pavers are level so no one trips over protruding pavers and if there is any oil staining give those pavers a wash with a degreaser
  • add an entrance mat and to add a cozy look to a front porch put out a comfy chair with an attractive pillow
  • if you are planning on putting out an urn full of flowers do not place it to close to the door so it will not draw bees
  • in winter months, snow must be removed from the driveway, walkways, porches and balconies
  • for ice build-up, we can supply and spread de-icers

On the OUTSIDE, State Building Maintenance Limited begins with

  • cleaning all the entrance doors and door frames, inside and out, and the side lights
  • all windows and window frames
  • all outdoor lights
  • the front and side garage door, often overlooked

In the KITCHEN, we start with

  • washing the ceiling, the walls, the decorative molding, light fixtures, the fan, plus the cupboards, inside and out, as they may have become greasy overtime
  • we clean the fridge, including bar fridges, the stove, the range hood and the microwave, inside and out, including the range hood filters
  • if you have a self-cleaning oven it may require two days of work as it needs to cool down before the inside ash is removed
  • we use a specialized cleaner on all stainless steel
  • we clean the counters, taking into account the varied materials that are now being used such as marble, granite, quartz, Corian, laminates etc. as all require different cleaning methods
  • the sinks and taps will be cleaned and wiped down with a soft cloth to bring up their shine
  • the table and chairs are cleaned if left in the kitchen
  • we scrub/clean the floors and kick plates and depending on the type of flooring we may put down the appropriate sealer if the customer wishes

In the WASHROOMS, we

  • clean walls, wall tiles, doors, trim, switch plates and lighting
  • clean, disinfect and deodorize the shower stall, tub, toilet and bidet
  • the counters, sinks and taps are cleaned and disinfected
  • the cabinets are wiped down, inside and out, as there can be residue on the shelves from lotions etc.
  • the mirrors are washed and left gleaming
  • if there is mold, most noticeable around the tub surround, we will use the correct solution to tackle the job
  • the floors are cleaned and disinfected

Throughout all the FINISHED LEVELS of the house

  • the windows, trim, sills and tracks are cleaned
  • the walls, doors, trim and baseboards are wiped down or washed
  • the lighting is cleaned and cobwebs removed on all floors
  • California shutters and verticals are dusted and washed if necessary
  • the fireplace and the surround are cleaned


Flooring, be it marble, terrazzo, porcelain tiles, vinyl, carpeting, hardwood or laminate, all require a different approach.  With the hard elements, depending what the customer requires, State Building Maintenance Limited will clean/refinish your flooring with the appropriate solution and/or sealer.  All this will be discussed with the seller.

With CARPETS, we first

  • thoroughly vacuum the carpets
  • then spot clean any stains, especially pet urine stains as they require a specific solution to break up the stain and deal with the smell
  • we use a variety of spot cleaners for different chemical stains such as coffee spills, grease spots
  • we will then steam clean and/or rotary clean your carpet depending on how heavily soiled it is and your time frame as steam cleaning requires more drying time than rotary cleaning
  • we will add an anti-browning agent plus deodorizer
  • we can bring in commercial dryers to speed up the drying process

We take care of pet stains and smells in carpets, smoke stained walls etc., but smoking can also leave strong odors in drapes and sheers so we suggest that if they are to be left up during an open house that they be sent out to be professionally cleaned and if the owner’s soft material sofas are also being left for an open house we recommend that they either be professionally cleaned or sprayed with an odor neutralizing solution.  Strong or musty odors can be a major deterrent to a buyer.

We also

  • dust furniture if the house is staged
  • remove cobwebs in the unfinished basement
  • sweep and/or damp wipe the floor of an unfinished basement
  • make sure the laundry tub is as clean as possible, depending on how it was used
  • sweep and/or blow the dust from inside the garage
  • check to make sure all the lights are in working order
  • rinse outdoor furniture

State Building Maintenance Limited 

  • will continue to offer our services throughout the selling process if touch-ups are required


As most people are offended by strong smells we suggest opening windows for a brief time just before an open house but nothing smells as fresh as CLEAN.

If you would like to add a fresh fragrance we suggest a very light lemon scent that says summer, nothing overwhelming or obvious.  A buyer may then see himself sitting in the backyard or out on a condo balcony sipping a refreshing lemonade drink and wouldn’t that be a good thing?

A bouquet of fresh flowers is a lovely touch but remember to select a flower without a strong scent and make sure the water is changed daily or buy an top quality, silk arrangement.

Declutter, de-clutter and we can not say that enough, de-clutter and that applies to closets because buyers want to see space.

Take away little bits and personal pictures if they fill a wall and possibly purchase a large, inexpensive, modern frameless print of the kind your realtor suggests.

So many homes are now open concept but if your home is not, create that look by removing unnecessary furniture so buyers get that wide-open feeling.

State Building Maintenance Limited does it all, we have even climbed our ladders and carefully cleaned your exquisite, crystal chandelier.  We understand, being homeowners ourselves, what is needed to create that rush of excitement for the buyer, that positive first impression, thus ensuring many offers.  We are a full-service cleaning and janitorial company, in business since 1963, so please call us for a no obligation quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at

Office Cleaning Toronto – Office Pre-Cleans




Commercial Cleaning Service Toronto

Tips for Finding Commercial Cleaning Service in Toronto

Finding a new office rental for your Toronto-based business is never an easy process. During this process, you’ll find that many office rental companies do not offer in-house cleaning service for office. At State Building Maintenance Limited (SBML), we are there to help keep your office clean, presentable and healthy. We provide full office cleaning services for Toronto businesses.

The cost to rent a commercial space in Toronto has been skyrocketing in recent years and it’s not showing any sign of slowing down. This increase is expense has forced many property owners to decrease costs such as offering cleaning services to renters. Business want to work with a commercial cleaning company that provides excellent service at an affordable price.

Regardless of your company’s size, our team of experienced cleaners will ensure all your office cleaning needs are taken care of. This allows you and your team the ability to focus on your work without needing to worry about maintaining their workplace. Your office should look pristine at all times and we’ll create a custom solution that suits your cleaning needs and budget. We provide commercial cleaning service for Toronto offices, warehouses and retail spaces.

First impressions play an important role in the business world and the cleanliness of your office can determine how people view your company. Bringing clients or potential employees into a messy workspace could leave a negative impression that could hurt the bottom line. We are a fully insured and bonded commercial cleaning that takes pride in helping our clients have an office they are proud to show off.

Having a clean workplace will not only make your space visually attractive, it will help keep you and your employees healthy. Harmful allergens are a reality in any office, especially when a space contain carpeting. Our Toronto commercial cleaning professionals will make your floors look amazing and help keep them allergen-free by providing high-quality carpet and floor restoration service for our clients.

It may seem like a minor chore, but windows and blinds are notorious for collecting dust and dirt. Dirty windows quickly hinder the look and feel of your office and can hurt your image to visitors. Our office cleaners will make your windows and blinds shine, we will even clean your window frames.

The server room is another place that collects dust in the office. With constant air flow generated by computer fans, the server room can quickly become a messy place. Your IT room is essential to your business operations; this hardware controls how fast and stable your network performs and provides storage for important data. Dust and dirt build up can cause your servers to operate at lower efficiency and can even cause expensive devices to break down. Save IT strain and expense and let our professional commercial cleaners will keep your IT room clean and dust-free.

We care greatly about the environment and we’re proud to provide green cleaning services. We only use the best environmental-friendly cleaning products and equipment on the market. Unlike some other commercial cleaning companies in Toronto, we refuse to use harmful cleaning chemicals and avoid the use of hot water extraction.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed with all the clients we work with. We have a long list of very satisfied clients and take pride in keeping an office clean and professional looking. Learn more about how can provide commercial cleaning services for your Toronto office, retail or warehouse space by contacting one of our experienced office cleaning professionals today at 416-247-1290 or get a free quote online.


Office Cleaning Toronto

Springtime Office Cleaning Toronto  – Tips for Office Cleaning Toronto After a Long Winter

Office Cleaning TorontoSpring is the perfect time to do a refresh on your office space. Nothing feels better than a fresh springtime clean, it gives your workspace a new energy and improves team morale. Our team of experienced Toronto commercial cleaners have been helping businesses make their workspaces look pristine for more than half a century. During this time, we’ve gained a good understanding of how to do an effective spring cleaning to an office and some chores that can really have an instant impact.

It can be amazing how much mess happens around your filing cabinets. Don’t feel bad, we’ve seen some filing cabinets that are more cluttered than a messy closet. Spending some time and cleaning up your filing cabinets will not only do a wonder for keeping your office clean, but it will help your employees stay organized and improve their productivity. Be sure to move cabinets around and look for decarded papers that managed to slip underneath and between the cracks.

Desks are another source of constant clutter that a springtime cleaning can take care of. It doesn’t take long for a desk to fill with random papers, sticky notes, pens, whiteout, paperclips and old Tim Horton’s cups. A clean desk looks more professional and will increase your team’s focus.

Dust can quickly accumulate in any workspace. Let’s face it, dusting on a regular basis isn’t fun, and it can be easy to overlook. It doesn’t take long before your computers, keyboards, mice and screens become overloaded with dust bunnies. This dust can damage your computer hardware. Dust usually comes with germs and allergens that can impact the health of your employees and make your workspace uncomfortable.

Regularly cleaning your carpet or hard floor surface throughout the winter months will take care of a lot of the salt, dirt, slush, debris tracked in throughout the season, but it doesn’t fully do the job. Dirt from the winter can work its way into the tiny fibres of carpets and floor mats causing them to stain or get damaged. Sometimes it’s best to replace floormats after a couple of winters due to permanent staining and the corners curling (a potential tripping hazard). Enlisting the help of a professional cleaning company is a great way to protect your flooring surfaces. Having carpets steam cleaned is the best way to lift dirt and grime and instantly add years to the lifespan of your office carpets and floor mats.

Office Cleaning Toronto Tips

Spring is also the perfect time to make a dump or donation stop. If your business has been in operation for any amount of time you’ve probably collected a lot of stuff that’s not being used anymore and taking up valuable space. Get rid of that old office furniture, dated technology, old wall hangings and any other items that no longer have a use. Start by offering items to staff with a rummage sale and maybe give the proceeds to charity. There are many groups looking for both older technology and furniture, connect with these local non-profit groups and give these items a new home.

The breakroom is another source for mess, think about the last time anyone looked behind the employee fridge or microwave.  Do a deep clean on all appliances in the breakroom and wash down all countertops, floors, baseboards and walls. Take a garbage bag and clean out the fridge, send a company-wide email warning staff that the fridge is being cleaned before you empty everything. It will take a little bit of work and some elbow grease, but you’ll have a relaxing and clean space for staff to spend their breaks and eat lunches.

Now that daylight hours are starting to get longer you’ll want to let in as much sunshine as possible. Smudges, dust and watermarks will all make it harder for natural light to enter your workspace. It’s also a good idea to remove and vacuum window screens to remove clinging dust and dirt.

Sprucing up the office by taking on some office cleaning Toronto jobs yourself can make sense, but it’s best to leave some to the professionals. Hiring a commercial cleaning company to tackle some of the bigger spring cleaning jobs makes sense for a lot of Toronto companies. Our team of experienced janitors will bring the right combination of experience and industry-leading tools and materials to the job. This allows us the ability to clean your workspace quickly, without interrupting your regular workflow.  Hiring professionals also lessen the risk you’ll face by having staff climb up ladders or using rented commercial cleaning equipment and chemicals. Discover how we can help with your springtime cleaning needs by contacting us today.

Contact Us at Office Cleaning Services Toronto –

State Building Maintenance Limited is The Industry Leader in Office Cleaning Toronto and Commercial Cleaning throughout Toronto and the GTA, Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Scarborough.

Our supervised staff is insured and bonded. State Building Maintenance Limited have certified members with WSIB


Office Cleaning Toronto

Toronto Commercial Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning – Why Cleaning Your Windows Should be a Part of Your Springtime Clean

Windows can be a spring-time cleaning chore that many business owners overlook. Having clean windows will instantly make your workplace more attractive to clients, employees and other visitors entering your space. Our Toronto commercial cleaners have been keeping Toronto and area businesses clean since 1963 and throughout our history we’ve found that the springtime is an excellent time to have your windows professional cleaned.

It can be amazing to see how quickly windows can get dirty, especially after a long Toronto winter. Even with the expensive windows built with the best materials can gather dirt, smudges, pollutants, and even those unsightly messes left behind by birds. Windows designed for a commercial workplace are typically designed to be extremely resilient, but they still need regular cleaning to look sharp and clean throughout the course of the year. Having clean windows will instantly provide better natural light throughout your workplace and improve the air quality throughout your entire space.

Fine dirt and pebbles can gather in your windows, many are unaware that these particles will not only hurt the appearance of your windows, but crud can actually damage your window’s glass. Scratched glass, broken seals, and damaged hardware can happen when a window is forcefully opened or closed when foreign materials are located within the window.

On the surface, cleaning a window may seem like a simple task that can be accomplished with a rag, cleaner and some elbow grease, but there’s a lot more to the job. An experienced commercial janitor will inspect your window surfaces, looking for cracks in glass and damaged rubber sealing. Windows with even the slightest damage can result in higher heating and cooling expenses and can offer a gateway for unwanted bugs and outside pollutants. A professional window cleaning will make your office pristine and help save money by finding and fixing damages early.

During our process, we’ll clean all areas of your window. Our team of experienced cleaners will clean the glass, track, frame, and inside of your window, we’ll even clean all the dust and dirt from your blinds. There are various glass cleaning products on the market, our team will find the best window cleaning chemicals for your office space needs. If you have one, we’ll clean your window’s bug screen, clean it and vacuum out all the leftover crud that we find in the cracks and window hardware. Many people are shocked to see how much dirt can be found inside a window. We’ll check your window’s hardware including your hinges to make sure they are working as they should. The level of detail we put into cleaning a window can be hard to achieve without the right combination of experience and tools.

Uncleaned windows can also collect harmful mould when they are not cleaned. Moisture and outside pollutants can result in your windows having nasty stains or mould. Scrubbing your windows can remove mould, but can result in scratches on the glass when done too aggressively. Mould can be removed from your windows by gently cleaning the affected areas with vinegar. Sometimes bleach (one part bleach to four parts water) may be needed for harder to clean areas. Never put too much pressure on your window, seals are built to be tough, but they can break with too much pressure. A professional cleaner might be the best option to remove mould and stains on windows.

It’s important to clean your windows with a squeegee and a clean rag for wiping the rubber blade. Many people elect to simply use a paper towel to wash their windows, but this will result in dirt and dust simply being moved around the glass surface, not actually removing it.

At State Building Maintenance Limited (SBML) we take a lot of pride in our commercial cleaning work. No matter how big or small the job, you can expect the highest amount of professionalism and top-quality results. This philosophy has earned us an excellent reputation with businesses throughout the Toronto area. Contact us today to learn how we can make your windows clean and damage-free with our commercial window cleaning services. Our team will work with you to come up with a plan make your that suits your cleaning needs and budget.

Office Cleaning Services

State Building Maintenance Limited – Setting a High Standard for Office Cleaning Services in the Toronto Region

Office Cleaning Services Toronto & VaughanFinding the right commercial office cleaning services company for your business can be challenging. Ideally, you’ll want to find a janitorial service that will be a one-stop shop for all your office cleaning services. With so many Toronto office cleaning companies in the region, it’s very important to find a cleaning company with the right mix of experience and state-of-the-art equipment. Your search is finally over, look no further than State Building Maintenance Limited (SBML) for your office cleaning services. If you are looking for office cleaning services in the Toronto region we can help. Our team of commercial cleaners take a lot of pride in their work and will make sure your office space looks pristine for your staff, clients and potential hires.

Signing up with a professional commercial office cleaning company will provide your company with several benefits, but the biggest may be the increase you will see in your team’s productivity. Your staff have a lot of tasks on their plate and deadlines to hit on a daily basis and it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to have them add cleaning the office to their workload. We take care of all your business’ cleaning needs, allowing you to focus on the important areas of your company. It’s our job take care of all your workplace cleaning needs, allowing you and your team the ability to focus on core business tasks.

Having a clean workplace will help with your overall employee morale and can even help attract new staff and clients. You should be proud of your office space and want to show it off to everyone, our cleaning services will keep your office looking amazing at all times. We are a one-stop shop for all of your business’ commercial cleaning needs.

You understand your office cleaning needs more than anyone and it’s essential to have a cleaning plan to match. Our team will sit down with you and design a custom janitorial plan that suits the needs of your business and fits within your budget. With so many cleaning options, it’s very easy to find a janitorial solution that fits within your company’s budget. You can schedule cleanings monthly, weekly or daily; it’s up to you, we’re here to work around your schedule to develop a plan that makes sense. We won’t just do some light dusting and a quick sweep. Our goal is simple, we want to come up with a plan that addresses the unique cleaning needs of your business. Whether you have one small location or many larger office spaces, our team of experienced commercial cleaners will use the latest commercial cleaning tools and chemicals to make your office look amazing.

Some of our common commercial cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning of all glass entrance doors and partitions
  • Emptying and relining of all waste receptacles
  • Placing all recyclables into recycling bins
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of all desk tops and office fixtures
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of all kitchen/lunchrooms and washroom facilities
  • Disinfecting phones
  • Cleaning vents and diffusers
  • Vacuuming of all carpet areas
  • Sweeping and damp mopping all floor surfaces, stairs and landings
  • Many other cleaning services

Having a clean work area is not only visually attractive, it’s essential for the general health and well-being of your entire team. Allergens, germs and viruses can spread quickly throughout an office space and ongoing cleanliness is one of the best ways to stop these nasty pollutants from spreading.

We take a lot of pride in our attention to detail and we bring it to each and every one of our jobs. Our team will ensure that all cleaning jobs are done to the highest possible level. This focus on quality has allowed us to become one of the most well-regarded commercial cleaning services in Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton and throughout the entire Toronto region. A lot has changed since we started providing janitorial services to Toronto businesses in 1963, but taking a high level of pride in the work we do still remain a core part of our business today.

Our cleaning methods are designed to be meticulous and we use environmentally safe products to keep your office looking amazing and green. We only employ punctual and trustworthy cleaners for our team and we provide them with some of the most comprehensive training in the region. All of your office’s cleaning needs are covered with State Building Maintenance Limited including carpet and floor cleaning, window cleaning, and any other janitorial services.

At State Building Maintenance Limited all of our commercial cleaners are trained in WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) and provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). We adhere to all safety standards and provide WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) data sheets and we are insured and bonded.

We have one simple philosophy at State Building Maintenance Limited – bring a higher standard of commercial cleaning and customer service to Toronto and area businesses. Many of our clients have been with us for years, we’ve created these long-term relationships by constantly exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our commercial janitorial services are second to none and we look forward to working with you to develop a commercial cleaning plan that suits the needs and budget of your company. Contact one of our experienced team members today to learn more about we can help keep your office space clean and organized.


Floors – Janitorial Services Toronto

Commercial Floors: Janitorial and Finishing Services for a Toronto Winter Season

We are now fully engulfed in winter; there’s been a lot of snow so far and Mother Nature has a lot more in store over the next few months. Your floors can take a lot of damage during the winter with snowy and dirty foot traffic. At State Building Maintenance Limited (SBML), we have been keeping Toronto and area floors clean and damage-free from winter weather for over 50 years.

Our team of commercial cleaners are experienced cleaning vinyl, ceramic, marble, granite, terrazzo, porcelain, hardwood and carpeted floors clean. Keeping your workplace’s hardwood floors clean during the winter is a great investment, this will help prevent costly damages and keep your space looking pristine for years to come.

Winter comes with road salt, snow, slush, crystals from de-icers and gravel. Laying down floor mats at entrances can be a great way to help keep these elements from entering your floors, but they only provide so much protection through the course of a long Toronto winter. Without an ongoing cleaning and floor finishing plan, your floors can quickly look dirty, scratched and dull.

Many businesses need their floors cleaned daily to keep up with the mess generated by employees and clients. Smaller spaces may only need floors cleaned occasionally to eliminate winter messes. Our team at SBML can create a customized cleaning package that suits the needs and budget of your business, we can provide ongoing or one-time commercial floor cleaning packages.

We take a lot of pride in our janitorial team’s ability to make your commercial space look amazing. When cleaning floors we soak up any visual moisture, professionally sweep and damp mop all floors to make them remove all dirt and make them shine. If needed, our team can provide floor buffing to give your floors a stunning glossy finish. We can also make your floors look new again after being damaged by performing a professional recoating, our team can remove an old floor finish and simply reapply it.

Each of our clients has their own set of unique needs. We work with each of our customers to understand the services they need to both enhance the appearance of their floors and protect them. That’s why we provide a free no obligation quote to any business interested in improving the look of their space with commercial janitorial services. Many of the businesses interested in our cleaning services are unhappy with the current condition of their floors. We usually help clients by removing their current floor finishes and applying a brand new finish that better suits their needs. The results are spectacular with clients being stunned, we find a floor finish that produces clarity, buffablity, gloss, hardness and scratch, water and slip resistance. Our team will work with you to come up with a finish that offers instant results, long-term protection and easy ongoing cleaning and maintenance.

Traditionally, the coating of a floor was often referred to as waxing a floor. Modern floor coating chemicals both provide a wax covering and other synthetic floor coatings. Coating your floor with the best way to protect your floor during winter months; making them easier to clean while offering a very attractive shine.

In addition to having some of the Toronto regions most experienced commercial janitors and floor coating products, we also bring the best cleaning equipment to the job. Businesses with large entrance areas will often require the use of a specialized floor burnishing machine. Unlike a traditional floor buffing machine, burnishing a floor utilizes a device that rotates at a much slower speed. The slower rotation of a burnishing machine actually melts the floor surface by using friction to create a glass-like appearance.

Installing new floors in your office can be very expensive. Our goal at SBML is to keep your floors looking amazing and add years to the lifetime of your floors. The appearance of your business is a key component in your company’s success and our team of experienced commercial janitors will take care of all details of your floor’s cleaning and maintenance needs throughout the winter months. Learn more about our commercial floor cleaning and finishing services by contacting us today for a free quote. We can be reached at 416-247-1290