Post Construction Cleans


State Building Maintenance Limited, in business since 1963, offers full service commercial cleaning programs but also provides our highly skilled services for Post Construction Cleans, Office Move In-Out cleans, Renovation clean-ups and Real Estate pre-cleans. We know from experience how involved these specialize cleans can be. Building Contractors, Building Owners/ Managers, Designers, Decorators, Homeowners and Realtors are looking for a cleaning company that is professionally trained, dependable, know the ins and outs of these specific cleans, will work with companies on their schedule and be flexible as timelines change. State Building Maintenance Limited, insured and bonded, and backed by years of experience can handle these detailed jobs. State Building Maintenance Limited offers a no obligation on-site inspection, an information gathering discussion as to what our customer requires and a detailed written quote.

Working with construction companies, we understand for every POST CONSTRUCTION CLEAN-UP that we provide for office buildings, manufacturing plants, your store, townhouses, condominiums, warehouses etc., that State Building Maintenance Limited may be called to work on an “as needed” schedule, working with and co-ordinating with several trades. We are often called in at various stages of construction clean-ups such as the removal of all surface drywall dust so the next job can go forward. One phase of post-construction cleaning is often the removal of window stickers, window cleaning and the clean up of the odd splatter of paint, and we all know how frustrating that can be, but it is easily handled when hiring our experienced staff. As part of the post construction clean up we may even get a call for the removal of indoor trash, to be placed in rented bins, town garbage bins or recycle bins. Whatever your Post Construction Clean-Up needs are, we deliver quality and consistent work.

Summer is often moving time for offices so when an office becomes vacant and before a new tenant moves in, a MOVE-IN CLEAN is usually in order. Depending on the previous tenant’s use of the office or the new tenant’s demands we will offer to the building manager/owner a light cleaning or a thorough deep cleaning. Light cleaning would entail complete washroom and kitchen cleaning and disinfecting, door and baseboard cleaning, carpet vacuuming, floor sweeping and damp mopping, light fixture cleaning and spot cleaning of all walls. A deep cleaning would include those items mentioned plus window, frame and track washing, blind cleaning, steam and/or rotary carpet cleaning and floor refinishing. Every cleaning job is unique to each move-in but we do it all to suit your requirements and your budget.

State Building Maintenance Limited will provide a complete POST RENOVATION CLEAN-UP for the HOMEOWNER/DESIGNER who has undertaken a renovation and is waiting to have that first long and luxurious bath/shower, entertain in your new living room or cook that first meal in your newly renovated up-to-date kitchen. No matter now big or small the home renovation, we will efficiently handle your clean-up so you can quickly get back to enjoying your new living space. Our highly trained employees deliver reliable and effective work, always aware of our homeowner’s time-line and concerns.

Spring and summer can be the busiest time of year for REALTORS. Before that first open house of that condo, house or townhouse, realtors know that a sale becomes easier if that residence is spotless. State Building Maintenance Limited offers complete real estate pre-cleans, top to bottom. Not only do we do all the basics that one would expect but we handle all the unexpected extras that often turn up. Please check out our blog under REAL ESTATE PRE-CLEANS for additional information.

OUR SERVICES – for Post Construction Cleans – Office Move-In, Move-Out Cleans – Home Renovation Cleans – Realtor Pre-Cleans

Window, frames, sills and track washing
Wall, baseboard, door and trim cleaning/washing
Vacuuming and spot cleaning of carpets and mats and/or Steam cleaning and/or Rotary cleaning of carpets and mats
Vacuuming of all vents and diffusers
Clean all light fixtures
Fully scrub and disinfect washrooms and kitchens, including complete fridge and cupboard cleans
Polish Stainless-Steel appliances with specialized stainless-steel cleaners
Sweep lower level parking garages
Sweep and/or damp mop unfinished basements and remove cobwebs
Gather the trash and place in the appropriate bins
Please check out our blog on REAL ESTATE PRE-CLEANS as to the many unique jobs we also provide.

Over the years new products have come on the market such as quartz counter tops, stainless steel appliances, porcelain tiles etc. and we feel it is important for our customers to know that each new product may need a specific cleaning solution but to be reassured that State Building Maintenance Limited deals with these products on a daily basis.

We also feel it is our responsibility, while doing Post Construction Cleans, Office Move-In Cleans, Home Renovation Cleans or Real Estate Pre-Cleans, that if we notice any problems, be it plumbing, lighting, wall cracks etc. to inform our clients so they can immediately deal with these issues to hopefully avoid all future problems.

For all cleaning help, whether it be a one-time clean-up, a once a week cleaning service, a full service cleaning program, delivering paper products or specific cleaning jobs such as carpet cleaning, please call State Building Maintenance Limited for a free Quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at as WE DO IT ALL.