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Springtime Office Cleaning Toronto  – Tips for Office Cleaning Toronto After a Long Winter

Office Cleaning TorontoSpring is the perfect time to do a refresh on your office space. Nothing feels better than a fresh springtime clean, it gives your workspace a new energy and improves team morale. Our team of experienced Toronto commercial cleaners have been helping businesses make their workspaces look pristine for more than half a century. During this time, we’ve gained a good understanding of how to do an effective spring cleaning to an office and some chores that can really have an instant impact.

It can be amazing how much mess happens around your filing cabinets. Don’t feel bad, we’ve seen some filing cabinets that are more cluttered than a messy closet. Spending some time and cleaning up your filing cabinets will not only do a wonder for keeping your office clean, but it will help your employees stay organized and improve their productivity. Be sure to move cabinets around and look for decarded papers that managed to slip underneath and between the cracks.

Desks are another source of constant clutter that a springtime cleaning can take care of. It doesn’t take long for a desk to fill with random papers, sticky notes, pens, whiteout, paperclips and old Tim Horton’s cups. A clean desk looks more professional and will increase your team’s focus.

Dust can quickly accumulate in any workspace. Let’s face it, dusting on a regular basis isn’t fun, and it can be easy to overlook. It doesn’t take long before your computers, keyboards, mice and screens become overloaded with dust bunnies. This dust can damage your computer hardware. Dust usually comes with germs and allergens that can impact the health of your employees and make your workspace uncomfortable.

Regularly cleaning your carpet or hard floor surface throughout the winter months will take care of a lot of the salt, dirt, slush, debris tracked in throughout the season, but it doesn’t fully do the job. Dirt from the winter can work its way into the tiny fibres of carpets and floor mats causing them to stain or get damaged. Sometimes it’s best to replace floormats after a couple of winters due to permanent staining and the corners curling (a potential tripping hazard). Enlisting the help of a professional cleaning company is a great way to protect your flooring surfaces. Having carpets steam cleaned is the best way to lift dirt and grime and instantly add years to the lifespan of your office carpets and floor mats.

Office Cleaning Toronto Tips

Spring is also the perfect time to make a dump or donation stop. If your business has been in operation for any amount of time you’ve probably collected a lot of stuff that’s not being used anymore and taking up valuable space. Get rid of that old office furniture, dated technology, old wall hangings and any other items that no longer have a use. Start by offering items to staff with a rummage sale and maybe give the proceeds to charity. There are many groups looking for both older technology and furniture, connect with these local non-profit groups and give these items a new home.

The breakroom is another source for mess, think about the last time anyone looked behind the employee fridge or microwave.  Do a deep clean on all appliances in the breakroom and wash down all countertops, floors, baseboards and walls. Take a garbage bag and clean out the fridge, send a company-wide email warning staff that the fridge is being cleaned before you empty everything. It will take a little bit of work and some elbow grease, but you’ll have a relaxing and clean space for staff to spend their breaks and eat lunches.

Now that daylight hours are starting to get longer you’ll want to let in as much sunshine as possible. Smudges, dust and watermarks will all make it harder for natural light to enter your workspace. It’s also a good idea to remove and vacuum window screens to remove clinging dust and dirt.

Sprucing up the office by taking on some office cleaning Toronto jobs yourself can make sense, but it’s best to leave some to the professionals. Hiring a commercial cleaning company to tackle some of the bigger spring cleaning jobs makes sense for a lot of Toronto companies. Our team of experienced janitors will bring the right combination of experience and industry-leading tools and materials to the job. This allows us the ability to clean your workspace quickly, without interrupting your regular workflow.  Hiring professionals also lessen the risk you’ll face by having staff climb up ladders or using rented commercial cleaning equipment and chemicals. Discover how we can help with your springtime cleaning needs by contacting us today.

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Our supervised staff is insured and bonded. State Building Maintenance Limited have certified members with WSIB


Office Cleaning Toronto

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Tips for Finding Commercial Cleaning Service in Toronto

Finding a new office rental for your Toronto-based business is never an easy process. During this process, you’ll find that many office rental companies do not offer in-house cleaning service for office. At State Building Maintenance Limited (SBML), we are there to help keep your office clean, presentable and healthy. We provide full office cleaning services for Toronto businesses.

The cost to rent a commercial space in Toronto has been skyrocketing in recent years and it’s not showing any sign of slowing down. This increase is expense has forced many property owners to decrease costs such as offering cleaning services to renters. Business want to work with a commercial cleaning company that provides excellent service at an affordable price.

Regardless of your company’s size, our team of experienced cleaners will ensure all your office cleaning needs are taken care of. This allows you and your team the ability to focus on your work without needing to worry about maintaining their workplace. Your office should look pristine at all times and we’ll create a custom solution that suits your cleaning needs and budget. We provide commercial cleaning service for Toronto offices, warehouses and retail spaces.

First impressions play an important role in the business world and the cleanliness of your office can determine how people view your company. Bringing clients or potential employees into a messy workspace could leave a negative impression that could hurt the bottom line. We are a fully insured and bonded commercial cleaning that takes pride in helping our clients have an office they are proud to show off.

Having a clean workplace will not only make your space visually attractive, it will help keep you and your employees healthy. Harmful allergens are a reality in any office, especially when a space contain carpeting. Our Toronto commercial cleaning professionals will make your floors look amazing and help keep them allergen-free by providing high-quality carpet and floor restoration service for our clients.

It may seem like a minor chore, but windows and blinds are notorious for collecting dust and dirt. Dirty windows quickly hinder the look and feel of your office and can hurt your image to visitors. Our office cleaners will make your windows and blinds shine, we will even clean your window frames.

The server room is another place that collects dust in the office. With constant air flow generated by computer fans, the server room can quickly become a messy place. Your IT room is essential to your business operations; this hardware controls how fast and stable your network performs and provides storage for important data. Dust and dirt build up can cause your servers to operate at lower efficiency and can even cause expensive devices to break down. Save IT strain and expense and let our professional commercial cleaners will keep your IT room clean and dust-free.

We care greatly about the environment and we’re proud to provide green cleaning services. We only use the best environmental-friendly cleaning products and equipment on the market. Unlike some other commercial cleaning companies in Toronto, we refuse to use harmful cleaning chemicals and avoid the use of hot water extraction.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed with all the clients we work with. We have a long list of very satisfied clients and take pride in keeping an office clean and professional looking. Learn more about how can provide commercial cleaning services for your Toronto office, retail or warehouse space by contacting one of our experienced office cleaning professionals today at 416-247-1290 or get a free quote online.


Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

How State Building Maintenance Limited can do its part

Our company delivers full service Commercial Cleaning to Office buildings, Manufacturing Plants, Warehouses, Condominiums and many other businesses.  Our business offers daily, bi-weekly and once a week cleaning services or on-demand services for specific cleans such as carpet cleaning, floor refinishing, seasonal cleans etc.  We also supply our customers with consumables as part of their cleaning program or on as needed orders of paper products such as toilet tissue, hand towels, hand soap etc.  So it goes without saying our cleaning company purchases many supplies that we either use in the cleaning process or deliver to our customers.


Our readers may wonder why we are choosing in this month’s BLOG to discuss our Carbon Footprint and Global Warming instead of talking about window cleaning, carpet cleaning etc.  To put it simply, our company believes that we all need to do our small part in protecting the planet, that we all need to be stewards of the environment. Global Warming is largely ascribed to an increase in the level of carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas.  Some gases, often referred to as Greenhouse Gases, trap heat and are making the planet warmer.  We see the impact of climate change on our depleting ice flows in Northern Canada, effecting our Polar Bears.  Average overland and ocean surfaces temperatures have warmed roughly 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit, .85 degrees Celsius from 1880 to 2012 according to the scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.  Continents have warmed the most, in the Northern Hemisphere (that’s us) the last three decades were likely the warmest period over the last 1400 years.  We have learned from most scientists the hard facts, that Global Warming will affect the sustainability of some species, some food crops and our health.  Some areas of the world may fair better but others will greatly suffer.

So we all need to reduce our carbon footprint, that is the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted due to our daily activities.  We as individuals personally have no control over the world’s coal mine emissions, oil field emissions etc., but if we all do our little bit to reduce our carbon footprint we will be heading in the right direction in caring for the future of our planet, our children’s world.  Each of us, that’s you and me, need to reduce waste so as to not keep incinerating products that produce damaging emissions.  If we all reduce our carbon footprint we will slow down what will be destructive climate changes.   Our company buys supplies by the van full, all coming in boxes, bins, jugs, jars, cans, plastic wrap etc., containers of various materials and what we do with them is important.

Now that most plastics are recyclable there is no need to dump your plastic containers just anywhere for convenience sake.  Instead of going into a landfill, if put into a recycle bin, that plastic may well be made into your next garbage can, laundry hamper etc. In documentaries, we have all seen those floating islands in the Pacific of what they call “floating islands of microscopic plastic”. These are being created by careless dumping into our waters.  These floating islands can block sunlight from reaching and supporting plankton and consequently effect the food of certain ocean species that feed the world.  So the next time you are on a holiday, relaxing on the beach, sipping that cold drink from a recyclable plastic bottle, please bring it home and put it into your recycle bin. Leave no footprint. Yes, that one small action helps in more ways than one, it protects our ocean species and reduces our carbon footprint.

So what can State Building Maintenance Limited do during our daily activities to protect the environment?

When picking up supplies for our cleaning company or delivering consumables to our customers we fully load our vans so as to not travel the roads unnecessarily, thereby reducing emissions.

Solutions purchased in recyclable plastic gallons, metal containers etc. are recycled or re-used if possible.

Many of our soft cleaning materials used in everyday cleaning can be washed, sanitized and reused so as to not be needlessly dumped into the garbage.

So many of our supplies are purchased in cardboard boxes, so when emptied these boxes are collapsed and put into the appropriate cardboard recycling container.

We can offer green cleaning products that are biodegradable and less toxic.

Because of constant foot traffic, at times all floors whether they be marble, porcelain tile, vinyl etc. require a floor stripping and refinishing with either a sealant and/or impregnator. But during our daily floor cleaning, in buildings where hard floor surfaces don’t often get tacky or scratched, a number of our customers are choosing not to use chemicals. They are requesting that State Building Maintenance Limited bring in our floor steamers to clean their hard-surfaced floors.

When State Building Maintenance Limited gathers garbage we work with two large rolling garbage bins, one specifically to hold garbage and one bin explicitly for recyclables, which we then empty into your cities’ labelled bins.

In our office we try to limit our printing and all our shredded papers are put out for recycling, every positive action helps.

So as we steam clean your carpets, refinish your floors or wash your windows at your Office, Factory, Condominium, Retail Store or deliver your hand towels and toilet tissue, we at State Building Maintenance Limited do constantly ask ourselves how we can better our world.  Please call us for a free quote regarding our various cleaning services at 416-247-1290 or email us at as WE DO IT ALL.

Post Construction Cleans


State Building Maintenance Limited, in business since 1963, offers full service commercial cleaning programs but also provides our highly skilled services for Post Construction Cleans, Office Move In-Out cleans, Renovation clean-ups and Real Estate pre-cleans. We know from experience how involved these specialize cleans can be. Building Contractors, Building Owners/ Managers, Designers, Decorators, Homeowners and Realtors are looking for a cleaning company that is professionally trained, dependable, know the ins and outs of these specific cleans, will work with companies on their schedule and be flexible as timelines change. State Building Maintenance Limited, insured and bonded, and backed by years of experience can handle these detailed jobs. State Building Maintenance Limited offers a no obligation on-site inspection, an information gathering discussion as to what our customer requires and a detailed written quote.

Working with construction companies, we understand for every POST CONSTRUCTION CLEAN-UP that we provide for office buildings, manufacturing plants, your store, townhouses, condominiums, warehouses etc., that State Building Maintenance Limited may be called to work on an “as needed” schedule, working with and co-ordinating with several trades. We are often called in at various stages of construction clean-ups such as the removal of all surface drywall dust so the next job can go forward. One phase of post-construction cleaning is often the removal of window stickers, window cleaning and the clean up of the odd splatter of paint, and we all know how frustrating that can be, but it is easily handled when hiring our experienced staff. As part of the post construction clean up we may even get a call for the removal of indoor trash, to be placed in rented bins, town garbage bins or recycle bins. Whatever your Post Construction Clean-Up needs are, we deliver quality and consistent work.

Summer is often moving time for offices so when an office becomes vacant and before a new tenant moves in, a MOVE-IN CLEAN is usually in order. Depending on the previous tenant’s use of the office or the new tenant’s demands we will offer to the building manager/owner a light cleaning or a thorough deep cleaning. Light cleaning would entail complete washroom and kitchen cleaning and disinfecting, door and baseboard cleaning, carpet vacuuming, floor sweeping and damp mopping, light fixture cleaning and spot cleaning of all walls. A deep cleaning would include those items mentioned plus window, frame and track washing, blind cleaning, steam and/or rotary carpet cleaning and floor refinishing. Every cleaning job is unique to each move-in but we do it all to suit your requirements and your budget.

State Building Maintenance Limited will provide a complete POST RENOVATION CLEAN-UP for the HOMEOWNER/DESIGNER who has undertaken a renovation and is waiting to have that first long and luxurious bath/shower, entertain in your new living room or cook that first meal in your newly renovated up-to-date kitchen. No matter now big or small the home renovation, we will efficiently handle your clean-up so you can quickly get back to enjoying your new living space. Our highly trained employees deliver reliable and effective work, always aware of our homeowner’s time-line and concerns.

Spring and summer can be the busiest time of year for REALTORS. Before that first open house of that condo, house or townhouse, realtors know that a sale becomes easier if that residence is spotless. State Building Maintenance Limited offers complete real estate pre-cleans, top to bottom. Not only do we do all the basics that one would expect but we handle all the unexpected extras that often turn up. Please check out our blog under REAL ESTATE PRE-CLEANS for additional information.

OUR SERVICES – for Post Construction Cleans – Office Move-In, Move-Out Cleans – Home Renovation Cleans – Realtor Pre-Cleans

Window, frames, sills and track washing
Wall, baseboard, door and trim cleaning/washing
Vacuuming and spot cleaning of carpets and mats and/or Steam cleaning and/or Rotary cleaning of carpets and mats
Vacuuming of all vents and diffusers
Clean all light fixtures
Fully scrub and disinfect washrooms and kitchens, including complete fridge and cupboard cleans
Polish Stainless-Steel appliances with specialized stainless-steel cleaners
Sweep lower level parking garages
Sweep and/or damp mop unfinished basements and remove cobwebs
Gather the trash and place in the appropriate bins
Please check out our blog on REAL ESTATE PRE-CLEANS as to the many unique jobs we also provide.

Over the years new products have come on the market such as quartz counter tops, stainless steel appliances, porcelain tiles etc. and we feel it is important for our customers to know that each new product may need a specific cleaning solution but to be reassured that State Building Maintenance Limited deals with these products on a daily basis.

We also feel it is our responsibility, while doing Post Construction Cleans, Office Move-In Cleans, Home Renovation Cleans or Real Estate Pre-Cleans, that if we notice any problems, be it plumbing, lighting, wall cracks etc. to inform our clients so they can immediately deal with these issues to hopefully avoid all future problems.

For all cleaning help, whether it be a one-time clean-up, a once a week cleaning service, a full service cleaning program, delivering paper products or specific cleaning jobs such as carpet cleaning, please call State Building Maintenance Limited for a free Quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at as WE DO IT ALL.


State Building Maintenance 

State Building Maintenance Limited incorporates a set of standards and protections when hiring our cleaning staff such that our customers can be confident that all our staff are professionally trained in the latest janitorial cleaning methods and tools by our company. Newly hired janitors that may come to us from another Toronto cleaning company often feel that they have the knowledge to immediately handle a new job but we re-teach as we have a proven track record of effective business and home cleaning methods.  Our loyal and satisfied customers will attest to our first-rate processes and professionalism.So initially when a new janitor comes to us we work along with them for several nights, teaching and changing, if necessary, their previous cleaning methods.  We instruct them on the correct usage of cleaning solutions, our system of restocking and date stamping supplies, the technique, and there is a technique, on working with our cleaning equipment, and something as simple but important, on which lights need to be left on/off when leaving an office. Our supervisors will also do on the spot checks and they are always on call to handle further questions from our employees or lend a hand. Our employees are also instructed to call us immediately if they come upon any problems such as plumbing etc. They must also notify us in advance when our company needs to bring in additional cleaning supplies. We retrain when introducing new janitorial equipment and solutions.

Our customers place great trust in us to care for their place of business, be it a Toronto office or factory, it is our responsibility to put an inordinate emphasis on protecting their premises, so State Building Maintenance Limited teach our cleaners on the proper procedure of opening and closing an office/ building, most often working with alarm systems. Only when we are completely satisfied with their working knowledge do we turn over the keys.

When a Toronto, Vaughan, Markham, Mississauga cleaning company sub-contracts, and many do, they do not necessarily know the quality of work or the character of the company they are hiring, they may not have had the proper training so may not perform as expected.  Our janitorial company has the expertise to tackle the many jobs required in commercial and janitorial cleaning, be it for general offices, industrial, condominium or retail cleaning, so STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED DOES NOT SUB-CONTRACT.

It is also of the utmost importance that our commercial and janitorial cleaning services company protect our invaluable full and part-time employees, some of whom have worked with us until they have retired.  State Building Maintenance Limited is registered with WSIB, the Workplace Safety Insurance Board that states it “administers compensation and no-fault insurance for Ontario workplaces”.  This insurance gives peace of mind to our cleaners as it provides lost wages to employees injured on the job and added protection to the company they work for.

To further protect our janitorial staff, we supply them with PPE, personal protection equipment.  How they are protected and what they are supplied with depends on the facility and area they are working in. For general commercial cleaning, they are supplied with gloves and masks and easy to use portable carts for less strain when gathering garbage.  For industrial, manufacturing or warehouse jobs, in addition, we also provide our staff with safety glasses, hard-toed work shoes and safety vests and at times they must wear hard hats.

We are also certified members of WHMIS, the Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems. This is a government course we have taken to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the companies we work for. Our suppliers must classify all their products according to hazard and label all solutions as to their use along with warning labels.  They must also make available Material Safety Data Sheets, MSDS, on all products we order. These sheets are put into the Janitor Supply Room so in the event of an emergency the MSDS will be provided to a Doctor. We also provide these information sheets to our customers so they have data on each product that we regularly use. We also spend additional time to make sure that our employees, whose first language is not English, can understand signage and follow through on our rules when working with solutions and equipment.

To give further assurance to our clients we are bonded and insured.  In a cleaning business, a bond represents a form of insurance that protects against theft and damage.  State Building Maintenance Limited carries Liability Insurance, a Dishonesty Bond and Key Loss Insurance so as to remain dependable in the eyes of our customers. State Building Maintenance Limited, proudly serving our customers since 1963, is here to stay and WE DO IT ALL, so please check out our Janitorial page as to all the services that we can offer your company.

To find out more about our Janitorial Services please call us for a free quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at

Janitorial Services Toronto & Vaughan

Janitorial Service Toronto, Vaughan, Markham and Toronto – State Building Maintenance

How to Choose the Right Markham, Vaughan and Toronto Commercial Janitorial Service for Your Business

Janitorial Service TorontoFinding the right janitorial service is a very important decision for your business. It’s important to ask the right questions when you are speaking with prospective commercial cleaning companies. Maintaining a sanitary and clean work environment is essential to the success of your business.

First impressions are extremely important in business and a messy or dirty building can instantly create a negative experience for customers, tenants and employees. Having clean spaces will create an instant positive reaction and will improve your building’s appearance and hygiene.

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to maintain a clean building with so many other tasks on your daily to-do list. Many companies find it to be more cost effective to hire an outside commercial cleaning company to handle their ongoing and seasonal cleaning needs instead of adding a full-time janitor to their payroll. There are many commercial cleaning companies throughout Toronto, Vaughan, Markham and Mississauga that offer janitorial services. Finding the right janitorial service for your business can not only keep your workplace clean, it can save your company a lot of money and stress.

Outsourcing your cleaning needs to a Vaughan, Markham cleaning company will allow your employees the ability to focus on their actual jobs. Cleaning chemicals can be hazardous when they are not used properly. An experienced commercial cleaning company will be trained and certified to use these chemicals, products and equipment needed to clean your space properly. This will not only ensure the job is done properly but will protect you and your staff from any unfortunate hazards involving cleaning products.

Ideally, you will want to hire a janitorial company that utilizes the right equipment and tools to do the job properly. Also, experience in office space cleaning is a key thing to seek in a janitorial company. You’ll want a partner who operates with quiet cleaning equipment, allowing your business to function as usual while the cleaning is taking place during the daytime and/or the night time. Professionalism is a must-have for any janitorial cleaning service you hire. You need your workplace cleaned to the highest standard in a timely fashion. An experienced commercial cleaning company will provide a level of professionalism that you and your business can count on. A clean building is essential to your business so you need your cleaning company to have a strong attention to detail, allowing you and your team the ability to focus on your day-to-day tasks. Any experienced janitorial company should be able to quickly provide you with a list of references. It’s important to ask and verify the work of any cleaning company that you are thinking about hiring.

Experience is also another important element to consider. Since 1963, State Building Maintenance Limited (SBML) has been supplying office cleaning services in Toronto, Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Scarborough and throughout the GTA. Experience also allows our professional cleaners the ability to have a deep understanding of their craft. At SBML we do our job efficiently the first time, making your workplace sparkle until the next visit.

It’s important to work with your janitorial service to come up with an action plan that’s customized for your business’ needs and schedule. We will work with you to address your company’s unique cleaning requirements. We’ll target your troublesome and high-traffic areas and design a plan that will best keep your space clean for the long term. A strong office janitorial plan will keep your space clean and will save you money by optimizing cleaning time. Services are scheduled based on your company’s operational schedule, budget, and seasonal needs.

We have your business janitorial needs covered, our clients include corporate offices, commercial properties, high-rise office buildings, industrial properties, condominiums, retail outlets and office spaces of all sizes.

We take a lot of pride in our ability to exceed the expectations of our clients throughout Markham, Vaughan and Toronto with our janitorial services. We’re proud of the reputation we earned over the years and our experienced cleaning team take this experience with them to every cleaning job we do. Looking for the right janitorial service partner? Contact us today for a free quote at or call us at 416-247-1290 and learn how SBML can keep your building sparkling.



Office Cleaning Services Toronto

Spring is a time for birth, rebirth and renewal, it is also that time of year, after many sunless, gloomy days of winter, when businesses get their verve back and start focusing on bringing in new customers.  And it is also that time of year when, as the sun pours through our windows, that we notice some of winter’s damage.

From experience, State Building Maintenance Limited recognizes that no matter what your daily office cleaning program entails, winter is the hardest on all flooring materials, whether you are talking about carpets or hard surfaced floors such as marble or man-made tiles.

No matter how diligent an office cleaning company is when taking care of your carpets and floors, by the nightly vacuuming of carpets and mats and sweeping and damp mopping of flooring, customers and staff do bring in damaging grit.  These tiny pieces of winter road salt, miniscule gravel, de-icers etc. adhere to your footwear, are then carried into your offices and become deeply imbedded in your carpets. If they are not vacuumed up daily because your cleaning program may different from a five-day a week cleaning schedule, these tiny pieces can then, on carpets, cut open the looped fibres of carpets and shred twisted fibre carpets, so it is imperative to remove all these destructive particles before they are trampled down even further into your carpets. So, for those customers who are not on a daily vacuuming schedule, we suggest that at winter’s end a deep, deep vacuuming be done with a heavy duty, strong suctioned vacuum that has an agitator, to bring to the surface all these granules.  This may even require a second deep vacuuming to protect your expensive investment.

And as part of our spring office cleaning program State Building Maintenance Limited will then do a rotary cleaning, a steam cleaning and a deodorizing of your carpets.  Our customers who are on an “every three months’ carpet maintenance program” with State Building Maintenance Limited are delighted at how effectively we can maintain the original colour of your carpets no matter how harsh the winter. After State Building Maintenance Limited has taken over a new customer’s carpet maintenance program, because of ineffective carpet cleaning by other cleaning companies, our new customers are pleasantly surprised when we have often brought back the original colour of their carpets.  It is important to handle winter’s damage before we head into the summer months.

These same destructive pieces of grit will cause even more noticeable damage to your hard-surfaced floors. To help stop the etching of your floors, State Building Maintenance Limited recommends, throughout all seasons, a daily sweeping with a treated sweeping tool and a damp mopping or floor steaming. Unfortunately, as we are often not there throughout the day to stop the grinding in of these granules, damage will occur during working hours.   So beyond our nightly floor sweeping and damp mopping, we will shield your flooring throughout the year by putting down protective finishes and perform a buffing as needed.  But in time all floors will need to be stripped to prevent a build-up of floor finishes. State Building Maintenance Limited suggests to all businesses, whether they be commercial, industrial, retail or condominiums, that spring is the perfect time to refurbish your floors.  State Building Maintenance Limited will strip your floors and put down a floor finish that is the appropriate impregnator and/or sealer for your type of flooring and if requested, provide our first-rate floor maintenance program, taking into account your needs and budget.

In some cases, because of heavy foot traffic, customers may choose to set up several floor stripping’s and refinishing’s throughout the year along with a daily, bi-weekly or a weekly maintenance program.  We will be pleased to come in and undertake a one time, spring floor refinishing or set up a complete office cleaning and janitorial program per your requirements.  State Building Maintenance Limited, known for their effective, efficient and reliable staff, are insured and bonded and members of WHMIS.  WE DO IT ALL, so whether you need a steam cleaning of your carpets or a stripping, buffing or burnishing of your floors, a full WINDOW CLEANING, an EVENT CLEAN-UP, CONDOMIUM, MANUFACTURING OR WAREHOUSE CLEANS, please call STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED at 416-247-1290 or email us at for a free quote.

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As in January, State Building Maintenance Limited is continuing its discussion of various types of flooring and their cleaning requirements. For those who are considering a new floor installation we recommend that you discuss the merits of your floor choice and definitely the cons with the manufacturer if possible, the seller, your installer and your contractor if you are using one.

Many people regard these products as interchangeable – they are not – there is a major difference for the usage of each product.

State Building Maintenance Limited believes an impregnator is essential for all porous flooring. The purpose of an impregnator is to penetrate into porous flooring, inside the actual product. They essentially help to prevent water, dirt and oil from going INTO porous flooring, as DEEP stains are almost impossible to remove, if at all. What they do is give you time to clean up a spill so there is no DEEP staining. They do not provide 100% protection, they will not prevent acidic etching nor do they last forever. If used by experts they do not change the texture or appearance of your flooring. They are NOT a surface protector.

So where does a sealant / topical sealer factor in? These sealers are your surface protectors, we also consider this product essential. They are the second step in protecting porous material but also the first step in providing added protection for non-porous flooring. They add surface protection from water, dirt and oils and make for easier daily floor cleaning and buffing. They can change the look of your flooring depending on the sealer, on whether you chose a mat, semi-gloss or a high gloss sealer. Their disadvantage is that they do wear, more so in high traffic areas. When that occurs State Building Maintenance Limited will strip and re-apply the sealer. We know it seems as if there is no end to floor maintenance and we have to agree but what our customers need to know is that it is our company’s job, working with pride, to protect your investment.

Buying and installing Granite as a floor choice can prove to be an expensive option. There are different qualities/grades of Granite. Low-priced Granite will generally have faults in the stone and can be a thinner tile, therefore weakening it. Although costly we recommend premium or first grade Granite for its strength, so the utmost protection is imperative. An impregnator is recommended to protect your Granite from deep staining. After that application a sealant should be applied for further protection and then re-applied as needed. For commercial spaces, to keep your sealed Granite looking its best, State Building Maintenance Limited recommends a daily sweeping with a treated sweeping tool and then a light washing.

As with other natural stones Slate comes in a variety of colours but is mostly chosen and known for its rich shades of black and grey, providing a rustic look, but when paired with popular paint colours and brilliant silver decor it gives Slate a modern look. Because Slate is formed by the earth’s pressure of its stone layers it is crucial to lay Slate on an even subfloor or it may crack. Slate is a highly durable tile but because of the way it is formed surface layers have been known to flake off. So State Building Maintenance Limited advises our customers to apply an impregnator that will settle into the stone and then a sealant as further protection, with the sealant being re-applied when necessary. Daily care necessitates a sweeping and a light washing.

Many consider Travertine to be a soft stone as it is a porous stone peppered with holes. Because of this it will absorb moisture easily, is prone to staining, can be scratched and show its wear and tear but don’t let that stop you from installing this attractive stone that has been used for centuries. If you are looking for warm tones in your flooring Travertine may be the answer, available in tones of beige, rust, tan, and brown. Some people prefer the unsealed, old tumbled look of Travertine and are willing to accept staining but as it can be greatly affected by moisture and acidic products, for businesses State Building Maintenance Limited definitely recommends that initially an impregnator be applied and then a sealant as a second line of defense. Once sealed we can maintain your Travertine tiles, keeping them looking their best, as we do with other natural stones, utilizing State Building Maintenance’s daily cleaning routine.

Terrazzo is a solid surface, extremely durable material, invented in the 15th century. It was originally made by combining cement and marble fragments. Nowadays Terrazzo is still manufactured from cement but can also be prepared with an epoxy base. What makes Terrazzo so versatile is that we can now add glass, metallics and other aggregates to create a custom look. This tough solid surface material, polished to a high shine and with no grout lines requires less time consuming maintenance, an added bonus when working out your yearly maintenance budget, but it can be slippery when wet so State Building Maintenance Limited recommends a non-slip coating be applied to its surface. As with other flooring it will require a daily sweeping and then a light washing when necessary.

Vinyl Flooring comes in an array of colours and patterns, copying the look of wood flooring and many expensive stones, so if it is not in your budget for the original, Vinyl flooring may be the answer. Buying the highest quality of Vinyl flooring will come with a warrantee of 15 years or more. For added protection State Building Maintenance Limited will apply a 25% acrylic floor finish. Although not the first choice for offices, you will still find the top rated Vinyl flooring in many offices but there is one limitation, Vinyl flooring can be gouged and cut so you must not push your office furniture over the surface of Vinyl flooring without using protection. Using furniture gliders or soft furniture pads is a must. To keep its appearance Vinyl flooring just needs to be swept and damp mopped daily. State Building Maintenance Limited can also PROPANE BURNISH VINYL FLOORS to create a very high shine, that wet look.

You will find Concrete flooring in all our customers’ factories and warehouses because of its durability. It takes tremendous weight to damage Concrete, it will easily handle the weight of manufacturing machinery, the weight of your products piled high and the weight of trucks and forklifts that need to enter your premises. We at State Building Maintenance Limited recommend a daily sweeping of Concrete with a dust inhibitor and then a light washing, daily or monthly, depending on our customer’s requirements. In places where Concrete flooring is your show piece, being used now more than ever, and because Concrete is a porous material State Building Maintenance Limited recommends the use of an impregnator and then a sealant to help prevent staining. As concrete too is considered a solid surface material, once polished to a smooth finish and sealed properly it just requires a daily sweeping with a dust inhibitor and a light washing as needed.

Having read the above article it may dissuade some customers from purchasing their first choice of flooring for a future renovation but remember no one floor product is the perfect answer, not even solid surface materials like polished and sealed Concrete or Terrazzo. With a solid surface material, if there is major damage, and we are not saying it will happen, the repair to solid surface materials can be more costly than lifting and replacing a few tiles. Although there is no one perfect flooring, STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED is your perfect answer to your flooring’s upkeep. State Building Maintenance Limited has kept pace with the cleaning practices of all floor surfaces, old and new, we have the expertise, are trustworthy and efficient but more than anything, our aim is to provide complete satisfaction with our cleaning services.

So whether you need State Building Maintenance Limited to deal with your floor cleaning problems, chose to have your carpets or windows cleaned or are looking to set up a full service cleaning program daily, bi-weekly or once a week please call us for a free quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at

Floor Tiles


Many businesses, having closed their books for the year 2016, are looking at 2017 as a fresh start.  With that new beginning there may be an allotted amount in your yearly budget for building/office renovations.  So to get the best return on your investment owners will choose the renovation that not only adds to the value of the building/office but also conveys that wow factor/that pleasing and inviting look for their customers and staff.  In State Building Maintenance’s experience, providing you don’t need new mechanics in the building such as fixing plumbing problems etc., we see that one of the most positive impressions and impact on customers is made by renovating the front entrance/lobby.  As compared to an entrance that is dark and dingy, entering a new and glistening entrance hall/reception area can’t help but perk up one’s staff and visitors.  But we find the most lasting and positive impression is created by the renovation of your washrooms.  No business owner wants to feel that their customers/employees are rushing in and out in order to avoid what looks like a dirty washroom but upon reflection it may just be dated with worn/cracked tiles and grout that can no longer be cleaned because it was not maintained or sealed properly when installed.

So to help with your renovations of 2017 State Building Maintenance Limited will talk about different tiles/flooring that we have worked with, their pros and cons, and ask you to do serious research before you make your choice for your particular renovation.

MARBLE, we consider that the WOW factor, but an expensive WOW factor.  Marble, one of the most strikingly veined, natural stones has been used in buildings for centuries and withstood the test of time but only with continuous maintenance. We deal with marble on many of our customer’s floors.  You need to remember that marble is a soft, porous stone that is easily stained and scratched.  But when laid properly and maintained with the help of State Building Maintenance Limited, marble suggests “splendour”.  Marble must first be professionally sealed.  Because of its porosity we recommend an impregnator, the correct one for your needs, which penetrates into the marble and then you will need the right cleaning and polishing program for maintenance. Do not apply a light sealer that will sit on the surface and wear off in next to no time.   If properly sealed the correct finish will last many years.  Maintenance will then be a daily wet mopping and a weekly buffing to enhance its shine. We then periodically, depending on the traffic and the way it was sealed, will reseal the tiles/sheeting.   If serious damage occurs, other than normal wear and tear, you must bring in, with some expense, a stone restoration company.  Over the last few years we have noticed that much of the new marble being chosen is lighter in tone then what was even chosen ten years ago.


Many people confuse Porcelain tiles with Ceramic tiles.  First we must say that Porcelain tiles are more often than not becoming the tile of choice for flooring, especially in HIGH TRAFFIC or WET AREAS.  Porcelain tiles are the hardest commercially made floor tiles available and fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles.  However the Tile Council of North American defines porcelain tiles not by their strength but by their water absorbency. Porcelain tiles absorb less than 0.5% whereas ceramic tiles absorb more than 0.5%.  Full bodied/ homogeneous porcelain tiles, unglazed and unpolished, carry the colour and pattern throughout so that if there is any wear or chipping it is difficult to see.  They offer slip resistance but can stain more easily.  To some that dull look may be disappointing after installation so often State Building Maintenance Limited will get asked to put on a low gloss sealant to add some shine and a layer of protection.  Porcelain tiles also come glazed with a layer of liquid glass, this provides better protection from staining but offers less slip resistance and will show more scratches.


Having stressed the benefits of Porcelain tiles, there is nothing wrong with Ceramic tiles, they are in many of our customer’s entrances and washrooms. They are both manufactured from clays, kiln dried and come unglazed and glazed.  They are a softer clay and as many will attest, are much easier to cut and install than porcelain. So bear that in mind as extra time in installing porcelain tiles may require more money in the budget for porcelain work. Coming in an array of colours and patterns, ceramic tiles are also usually a little less expensive. They, too, are often used in wet areas such a bathrooms, both on walls and floors, glazed tiles being recommended for walls to promote easy cleaning and protection from moisture and minimally glazed or textured tiles are recommended on washroom floors for slip resistance. Ceramic tiles, a little more prone to wear and tear and chipping, are generally rated from 1 to 5 so they are not recommend for high traffic areas unless you choose a tile with a rating of 5. It is buyer beware and the need of a knowledgeable supplier and installer. Ceramic tiles that come glazed only need a daily wet wiping/mopping.    State Building Maintenance Limited recommends that our customers speak to a minimum of three companies about their tile products before making a final choice.

So if you are ready for a new floor installation please call State Building Maintenance Limited and talk to us about what we have learned about the flooring of your choice and the maintenance that it really needs to keep that new look.  Remember your contractor does not make the final decision, you do.  All flooring is not created equal, speaking from experience the more information you have the better to make the right choice for you budget.

At this time of year meteorologist often talk about a January thaw that comes when temperatures hit above the freezing point for a few days. This starts a quick melting process of snow and ice.  So State Building Maintenance Limited wants to re-enforce the need for daily removal of all standing water on your tiles/flooring to prevent falls and to stop the growth of mold.

State Building Maintenance Limited is more than glad to be of service to you in 2017, for a free quote or general advice please called us at 416-247-1290 or email us at

Coming in February- more about the kinds and maintenance of tiles/hard surfaced flooring


Office Cleaning Toronto & Vaughan – Event Clean-Ups 12 Months A Year – SBML

Office Cleaning Toronto & Vaughan

Seasonal, Charity, Retirement

May you have warm words

On a cold evening,

A full moon on a dark night

And a smooth road all the way to your door.

(An old country saying)

Heading into 2017 is for many a festive time, which often means a social gathering of some sort along with tasty fare. So as 2016 comes to a close many businesses choose to say thank you to their hard working staff by closing out the year with some form of celebration. And as a way of showing their appreciation businesses may even invite their customers/suppliers to drop by.

No matter what type of celebration it is, large or small, simple or elaborate, State Building Maintenance Limited will send out one of our skilled cleaning crews to carry out a thorough after event clean-up, whether the clean-up be after a simple fare of snacks and beverages, a sumptuous buffet set up in the boardroom or a formal charity event. If you wish our company to provide PORTER SERVICES our staff will maintain the washrooms, keeping them spotless, and will re-stock the washroom supplies as needed.  We can also have one of our staff members stand discreetly by during your event to re-stock table linen, drinking glasses etc. or in the event of an unfortunate spill, take care of that problem immediately.

If you haven’t already put down heavy duty, moisture absorbing mats in all entrances and applied de-icer crystals if required, now is the time to do so.  If customers/suppliers are also invited to join in your office festivities why not put down an extra mat off to the side where customers can place their wet boots if they choose to.  For those larger charity events that are unable to provide underground parking on their premises, valet service or a dry, covered area where guests can directly enter your event, especially during our winter months, to prevent falls and protect your floors, State Building Maintenance Limited recommends that additional commercial grade mats be added leading up to the coat check. State Building Maintenance Limited can supply and place these mats.

Many charity events are held throughout the year, whether it be at this time of year, heralding in the spring or during the heat of our summers.  We have been in the cleaning business for many years so State Building Maintenance Limited can deal with all your concerns as we have seen it all, the spilled wine, the chocolate stains, the crumbs underfoot, the fallen decorations, the scratched flooring, messy washrooms, the marked carpets and the stained chairs. Our professional cleaning crews are highly efficient, prompt and trustworthy and WE DO IT ALL.  So please call us for a free quote at 416-247-1290 or contact us

State Building Maintenance Limited wishes to thank all those who have helped our business to progress, our dedicated and reliable employees, our suppliers who are always there to fill that last minute order, and especially to our customers whose allegiance we greatly value.

May Peace, Joy, Good Health, the Gift of Friends and Prosperity be in abundance for all our customers, employees, suppliers and all our readers in the year 2017!