Spring Cleaning

Start fresh this spring, begin with a thorough spring cleaning.

The snow has melted and we are now looking at the remnants of what a harsh winter has left behind, the salt and grime that we have tracked in that have become embedded in our carpets and floors, not to mention the fine particles of gravel that your footwear brings in that etch your hard floor surfaces.  It is a great time to clean the office from top to bottom.

If your office entrance is carpeted and you have salt stains, it is time to treat the carpet by using vinegar with a rotary machine (vinegar is used to break down the chemical composition of the salt stains).

You need to continuously scrub the salt stained areas until the salt stains have been removed, then you will need to steam clean that area before you continue to clean the rest of your office.

It is recommended that you do a rotary cleaning to the rest of your office carpets then steam clean them to extract the dirt and residue.

It is time to let the sunshine in. A thorough cleaning of your exterior and interior office windows and frames in the early spring will add sparkle to your office.

Winter probably wasn’t too kind to your floors.  Dirt, salt and other substances from winter have probably left their footprints.  Spring is a good time of the year to do a full cleaning of your hard surface floors.  After a thorough floor cleaning, your newly cleaned floors need to be protected by refinishing them.

Dust loves to live in your light fixture, your vents, diffusers and blinds.  These objects need to be vacuumed and then hand cleaned.

If the job is to overwhelming for you please call State Building Maintenance at 416-247-1290.