Office Cleaning Toronto – February 2016


State Building Maintenance Limited is keeping it clean in February

To some “the dog days of summer” are defined as a few weeks in July and August that are the hottest and steamiest and are marked by lethargy and inactivity. Many of us who find the heat oppressive sit around in our office chairs wishing and waiting for the cool breezes of fall. We then suddenly get our energy back and start talking about a thorough fall office cleaning and getting ready for winter.

February falls into that same category, it is the month, unless you love being out in the snow, that we slump in our office chairs and await spring. We are just starting to see signs of spring, the days are brighter, it is no longer dark at 4:30 PM and even an early spring bud may be poking its head out of the ground. But offices will say it is not the right time for that thorough spring cleaning. Offices want to wait until the end of March or even well into April to do their annual spring cleaning.

But we at STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED do recommend that your office cleaning company keep on top of all daily office cleaning. This will make for an easier but thorough spring office cleaning.

You may not want to give your windows a complete cleaning at this time of year and want to wait until spring but we do recommend that you keep cleaning your windows or at least let your cleaning company perform a spot cleaning of your windows on your lower levels so visiting customers enter through spotless doors and see the glisten on your windows. Many of our customers, no matter what the winter brings, have their lower windows cleaned on a monthly basis for this very reason. To create a good impression STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED provides many of our offices and our storefronts with this window cleaning service. It is one less item that our clients have to worry about. We generally do all other floors levels every three months or twice a year but we can set up a program for you of your choosing.

Think of your employees at this time of year as we are still in flu season, it is necessary to keep your soap dispensers topped up, and for those who desire it, we can supply you with an antibacterial soap for these dispensers. Make sure your cleaners are working with an antibacterial product such as a Lysol product in bathrooms and on such items as phones. An antibacterial liquid in a hand dispenser on the front desk is a considerate gesture for your visiting clients. But whether it be flu season or not, it is necessary to always keep a hygienic work place.

We have been lucky in our area of Ontario as we have not had to deal with many major snow storms but we still are scattering crystals in entrances and even on parking lots to protect our staff and clients from falls. These crystals are then carried in on our shoes and boots. Our cleaners do a daily vacuuming of all carpets and if needed they will perform a spot cleaning of these areas. This will help halt the wear and tear of your carpets, so come the spring when State Building Maintenance Limited will perform a deep spring cleaning, we will have prevented major winter damage.

We, at STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED, provide the best products to seal your hard surfaced floors but we also advise a weekly buffing of your floors to maintain a strong barrier against crystals and the damage from footwear.

As we move into spring you will start to see flyers in your mail and colourful emails extolling the virtues of many cleaning companies and they will be offering exceptional discounts. We know there are hundreds of cleaning companies in southern Ontario but be wise in your search for professional office and janitorial cleaners. Please look into their past history. The length of time that they have been in business will attest to their knowledge and reliability, check that they are insured and bonded, are members of WHMIS, ask for referrals and please don’t let them sell you something you don’t need. The lowest priced quote doesn’t always guarantee the job you have the right to expect.

STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCED LIMITED , a professional office cleaning and janitorial cleaning company, offers an individual approach, one size does not fit all, flexible schedules and quality work you can trust.

State Building Maintenance Limited will provide you will a free no obligation quote, so please call us at 416-247-1290 or email us at

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