Washroom & Office Cleaning Services Toronto April 2016


The psychological effects of an unclean workplace greatly influence your staff and your client’s mood.  Employers surely do not want to deal with unhappy clients or staff who dread coming into an unclean environment and let them walk into a filthy, smelly washroom and the problem becomes tenfold.  It is the room that most reflects your company’s care of all those who enter your office and use your facilities.  A client can walk into an office and see a bit of a mess, papers lying around, a few smudges on the floor and that can be acceptable for a time as these small messes can happen at any time during the day and will be taken care of the same night by a professional office cleaning company.  But send a client into a washroom that has been neglected by not having it professionally cleaned on a regular basis and the client will never forget it.  This may influence a client’s desire to do business with your company.  State Building Maintenance Limited also offers PORTER SERVICES throughout the day that may be necessary in larger offices/buildings.

It is not as simple a job as people may think it is to clean the washrooms in offices.  It takes time, knowledge of the order of office cleaning and washroom cleaning and the correct solutions to use to do a thorough job.

Our nightly washroom cleaning entails the following:

We place a WET sign in front of the door to let people know that we are in the process of a thorough cleaning.

We then start by looking up towards the ceiling to check and remove with a duster or vacuum all cobwebs and dust from air vents, lights and fans that may be in the ceiling or high up on the walls then to other grill work at all levels.  We clean decorative lighting with a glass cleaner.  We may use a clean mop head to damp wipe a ceiling if necessary.

We wipe the higher areas such as tops of doors, ledges etc. with a disinfectant cleaner.

State Building Maintenance Limited then refills all dispensers, the toilet tissue, hand soap, sanitary dispensers, paper towels and seat cover dispensers, as necessary.  We can provide your company with these supplies, at a reasonable cost, if you so desire.

We remove, daily, the used bags from the sanitary containers that are located in each stall, damp wipe each sanitary container with a disinfectant and then put in fresh bags.

We refill the deodorizers if needed.

State Building Maintenance Limited will then pick up the litter and sweep the floor.  We remove the waste and liner from the garbage bins, damp wipe the garbage bins with disinfectant and then put in a new liner.

We wash all sinks, faucets and all surrounding counter space with a disinfectant.

We then dry them with a soft clean cloth.

We clean all mirrors with a glass cleaner.

State Building Maintenance Limited will then meticulously scrub all the toilets and urinals with a disinfecting bowl cleaner by using a scrub brush, which will then be disinfected before the next use.  We will damp wipe with a disinfectant the exterior of each toilet bowl and urinal.

Next we will damp wipe with a disinfectant the walls, the doors, door handles and partition walls inside each cubicle.  We will also damp wipe with a disinfectant the wall tiles around each urinal. Some of our customers request that we put a Para Block in each urinal to reduce the smell.  We will then wash the surrounding floor in each cubicle and around each urinal with a disinfecting solution.

At this time we will also be checking for faucet, toilet, urinal and all other pipe leaks and will report them to the necessary staff so they can be dealt with immediately.

We will check the remainder of all the walls in the rest of the washroom and clean as necessary. Once a month all the walls in the washroom are thoroughly washed.

State Building Maintenance Limited will then light wash all the floors.  Periodically the floors will need to be scrubbed and the grout cleaned depending on the type of flooring material.  Occasionally substances such as tar may be tracked in on shoes and the floor may need a specialized cleaning.

We make note of any lights that are not working and see to it that the problem is corrected.

All the above listed work needs to be performed on a regular basis to keep washrooms fresh and sparkling and your clients and staff satisfied.

As a prospective client is reading this he may question why it is necessary to be constantly using disinfectant.  It is State Building Maintenance Limited’s duty to help keep all clients and staff healthy.  It is our business to eliminate bacteria such as E. coli, etc. that can make all who enter your premises very ill.  Not only are we concerned about the health of your clients and employees but illnesses mean lost work days and lost production for your company.

As you read this you can see that it is a somewhat long and exacting process that is needed to thoroughly clean your washroom facilities.  Our highly trained office cleaning and janitorial staff at State Building Maintenance Limited is only too ready to tackle the most important room in your office complex.  WE DO IT ALL, so please call State Building Maintenance Limited for a free quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at info@sbml.ca.