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Every Manufacturer has its own specific health and safety concerns and regulations, some of those demanded and checked upon by government safety inspectors.  State Building Maintenance Limited understands the importance of these rules and diligently adheres to all these protocols.  Our employees are supplied with PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, such as safety boots, safety glasses and safety hats if they are required when entering certain factories.  Our employees are trained in the correct handling of solutions and are provided with protective powder free latex gloves.  We provide up-to-date records, MSDS -Material Safety Data Sheets-, on the handling and composition of all the cleaning solutions we use. All our highly trained employees are fully insured and bonded and supervised by State Building Maintenance Limited.

Our company works with manufacturing companies that run their businesses in a number of shifts.  We will provide professional cleaning staff to work all these shifts.

In some factories, besides a visiting area, you may find onsite SHOWROOMS where customers are presented with the company’s product and where the selling process begins.  A meticulously clean showroom, the floors shining, the windows gleaming, the walls immaculate, will draw no attention away from your company’s product, allowing your customers to focus only on your merchandise.

On the factory floor one of the most important cleaning requirements is excellent DUST CONTROL so that dust particles will not create problems for intricate machinery.   State Building Maintenance Limited will sweep the floors daily with a treated sweeping tool.  Spills will be continuously removed and the floors will be light washed as required.  We recommend a full floor scrubbing at least once a year.

As in any office, offices in factories are maintained to an exemplary level.  We fully clean all areas, the entrances, the lobby and/or visitor’s area, showrooms, office space, all hard surfaced floors, carpets, windows, walls etc.  Because a number of our customers are factories, State Building Maintenance Limited understands that cleaning problems can occur that do not normally happen in other offices.  Unintentionally, during the manufacturing process, solutions, oils, tars, fibres or shavings can be carried in on footwear into the office. We at State Building Maintenance Limited are familiar with these cleaning problems and can successfully handle them all.

Washrooms are scoured and disinfected, you will see that it a structured and fastidious clean.  We can stock all your washrooms with the necessary supplies such as hand soap, hand towels, toilet tissue, sanitary products and deodorizers at a reasonable price.   Depending on the type of manufacturing some businesses offer showers, change areas and lockers to their workers, an area that State Building Maintenance Limited keeps thoroughly clean.

Kitchens are fully cleaned.  During the cleaning of a kitchen we will disinfect many areas, tables, chairs, counters, sinks, taps etc. and the floors which we light wash with a disinfectant.  We load up and turn on the dishwasher.  We can completely remove items from cupboards and fridges and give them a good scrub.  In some buildings you may find small sitting areas with vending machines, these areas and the machines will be carefully cleaned and disinfected.  We will gather food waste and put it in your company’s green bin and remove your garbage and disinfect and reline all garbage bins.  We will remove recyclables and place them in the appropriate bins to be picked up by your local sanitation services.

Because we work for a number of manufacturers, STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED has the experience and the working knowledge to be able to maintain, to the highest of standards, the cleanliness of your company.  Please get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote at or call us at 416-247-1290.

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