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Industrial Cleaning Services



Every Manufacturer has its own specific health and safety concerns and regulations, some of those demanded and checked upon by government safety inspectors.  State Building Maintenance Limited understands the importance of these rules and diligently adheres to all these protocols.  Our employees are supplied with PPE, Personal Protective Equipment, such as safety boots, safety glasses and safety hats if they are required when entering certain factories.  Our employees are trained in the correct handling of solutions and are provided with protective powder free latex gloves.  We provide up-to-date records, MSDS -Material Safety Data Sheets-, on the handling and composition of all the cleaning solutions we use. All our highly trained employees are fully insured and bonded and supervised by State Building Maintenance Limited.

Our company works with manufacturing companies that run their businesses in a number of shifts.  We will provide professional cleaning staff to work all these shifts.

In some factories, besides a visiting area, you may find onsite SHOWROOMS where customers are presented with the company’s product and where the selling process begins.  A meticulously clean showroom, the floors shining, the windows gleaming, the walls immaculate, will draw no attention away from your company’s product, allowing your customers to focus only on your merchandise.

On the factory floor one of the most important cleaning requirements is excellent DUST CONTROL so that dust particles will not create problems for intricate machinery.   State Building Maintenance Limited will sweep the floors daily with a treated sweeping tool.  Spills will be continuously removed and the floors will be light washed as required.  We recommend a full floor scrubbing at least once a year.

As in any office, offices in factories are maintained to an exemplary level.  We fully clean all areas, the entrances, the lobby and/or visitor’s area, showrooms, office space, all hard surfaced floors, carpets, windows, walls etc.  Because a number of our customers are factories, State Building Maintenance Limited understands that cleaning problems can occur that do not normally happen in other offices.  Unintentionally, during the manufacturing process, solutions, oils, tars, fibres or shavings can be carried in on footwear into the office. We at State Building Maintenance Limited are familiar with these cleaning problems and can successfully handle them all.

Washrooms are scoured and disinfected, you will see that it a structured and fastidious clean.  We can stock all your washrooms with the necessary supplies such as hand soap, hand towels, toilet tissue, sanitary products and deodorizers at a reasonable price.   Depending on the type of manufacturing some businesses offer showers, change areas and lockers to their workers, an area that State Building Maintenance Limited keeps thoroughly clean.

Kitchens are fully cleaned.  During the cleaning of a kitchen we will disinfect many areas, tables, chairs, counters, sinks, taps etc. and the floors which we light wash with a disinfectant.  We load up and turn on the dishwasher.  We can completely remove items from cupboards and fridges and give them a good scrub.  In some buildings you may find small sitting areas with vending machines, these areas and the machines will be carefully cleaned and disinfected.  We will gather food waste and put it in your company’s green bin and remove your garbage and disinfect and reline all garbage bins.  We will remove recyclables and place them in the appropriate bins to be picked up by your local sanitation services.

Because we work for a number of manufacturers, STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED has the experience and the working knowledge to be able to maintain, to the highest of standards, the cleanliness of your company.  Please get in touch with us for a free, no obligation quote at or call us at 416-247-1290.

Office Cleaning Services – Industrial Cleaning Services Toronto

Office Spring Cleaning Toronto 2016

Spring Cleaning – It’s More Than Just Office Cleaning


As the days become warmer and more sunlight filters through our windows there is a spring to our step. Nothing says spring more than a detailed spring cleaning which will buoy up this positive mood.

Spring Office Cleaning Toronto 2016It is at this time of year that BUILDING OWNERS/PROPERTY MANAGERS are noticing what building problems have shown themselves because of our messy winter. BUILDING OWNERS/PROPERTY MANAGERS know the importance of first and lasting impressions on visiting clients and staff. They rightly expect to hire and demand a complete care cleaning company that is highly trained, dependable and respected in the cleaning business. We, at State Building Maintenance Limited, a full care professional office cleaning and janitorial company, will be only too happy to provide you with a thorough spring cleaning. State Building Maintenance Limited will also perform “ONE TIME DETAILED JOBS” such as carpet cleaning/window cleaning etc. Our company frequently carries out specific jobs in CONDOS, although, if you require it, we will gladly set up a full cleaning program for your condos.

When we are carpet cleaning throughout a condo’s corridors, individual condo owners may request a carpet cleaning of their unit at the same time.

With spring upon us, our company will examine your walkways and notify management if there are concrete problems, we will sweep all sidewalks, wash them if necessary and pick up all garbage, cigarette butts and remove gum splotches that may have been hidden by snow. We advise all our customers to provide lined outdoor garbage cans and cigarette butt holders.

Of course the first thing visitors will see when heading towards your building is the condition of all windows and doors. Winter is harsh on windows, leaving a coating of grime on all surfaces.

We do a thorough washing of all windows and doors, tracks and door frames, inside and out, and leave them sparkling and streak free. At this time we also take note of any problems such as pitting of frames or missing caulking and let our customers know of any potential problems. In the RETAIL BUSINESS gleaming windows, doors and entrances are above all essential as a spotless storefront will entice more customers to enter your place of business.

In buildings with large entrances the cleanliness inside the lobby is a “lasting” first impression. After cleaning up the exterior walkways and all windows and doors, State Building Maintenance Limited sees to it that your floors inside your lobby are professionally stripped, refinished and buffed to augment your visitors’ positive experience. If our customers wish we can BURNISH your floors to create that wet look.

At this time of year we also need to do a thorough cleaning of all your office blinds, whether they be plastic, fabric or wood, because your now clean windows will only make prominent your dirty blinds. Removing the dirt and dust from your blinds will greatly improve the air quality for your staff, some of whom may suffer from dust allergies.

As sunlight pours through your now pristine windows it highlights the condition of your hard surfaced floors in your offices, whether they be marble, vinyl, tiles of various materials or hardwood. Our skilled and reliable staff at State Building Maintenance Limited will select the correct solutions and method of cleaning these hard elements, we will remove the grime and scratches brought about by winter foot traffic and bring back their lustre. In the spring we also recommend to our FACTORIES and WAREHOUSES a full washing of their concrete floors.

State Building Maintenance Limited also suggests a thorough vacuuming of all your fabrics, removal of all stains, have odours dealt with and in many instances we will suggest a full steam cleaning of items such as sofas and upholstered chairs. We, in particular, advise that this be done on a continuous basis in such places as MEDICAL BUILDINGS and NURSERY SCHOOLS to control the growth of bacteria. You will be surprised at how much fresher the air will be after we complete a fabric cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is definitely on our spring cleaning agenda as we know what dirty boots and de-icing pellets can do to carpets. We will perform a deep steam cleaning of all carpets and mats with specialized cleaners. After this we can offer you stain guard protection, this acts as a barrier on your carpets and makes it easier to wipe up spills. As a preventive measure we also examine your carpets for wear and tear and notify our customers of any potential problems. Frayed or buckled carpeting can catch on footwear and cause falls.

For your cleaning needs State Building Maintenance Limited will perform A COMPLETE SPRING CLEANING, top to bottom, or just do SPECIFIC SPRING JOBS such as carpet cleaning or window cleaning. If you wish we will also set up a cleaning program of your choice and to suit your budget. Our staff at State Building Maintenance Limited takes pride in the work we do and we maintain the highest of standards. Our focus is on providing complete satisfaction to our customers. So please call us for a free quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at

Washroom & Office Cleaning Services Toronto April 2016


The psychological effects of an unclean workplace greatly influence your staff and your client’s mood.  Employers surely do not want to deal with unhappy clients or staff who dread coming into an unclean environment and let them walk into a filthy, smelly washroom and the problem becomes tenfold.  It is the room that most reflects your company’s care of all those who enter your office and use your facilities.  A client can walk into an office and see a bit of a mess, papers lying around, a few smudges on the floor and that can be acceptable for a time as these small messes can happen at any time during the day and will be taken care of the same night by a professional office cleaning company.  But send a client into a washroom that has been neglected by not having it professionally cleaned on a regular basis and the client will never forget it.  This may influence a client’s desire to do business with your company.  State Building Maintenance Limited also offers PORTER SERVICES throughout the day that may be necessary in larger offices/buildings.

It is not as simple a job as people may think it is to clean the washrooms in offices.  It takes time, knowledge of the order of office cleaning and washroom cleaning and the correct solutions to use to do a thorough job.

Our nightly washroom cleaning entails the following:

We place a WET sign in front of the door to let people know that we are in the process of a thorough cleaning.

We then start by looking up towards the ceiling to check and remove with a duster or vacuum all cobwebs and dust from air vents, lights and fans that may be in the ceiling or high up on the walls then to other grill work at all levels.  We clean decorative lighting with a glass cleaner.  We may use a clean mop head to damp wipe a ceiling if necessary.

We wipe the higher areas such as tops of doors, ledges etc. with a disinfectant cleaner.

State Building Maintenance Limited then refills all dispensers, the toilet tissue, hand soap, sanitary dispensers, paper towels and seat cover dispensers, as necessary.  We can provide your company with these supplies, at a reasonable cost, if you so desire.

We remove, daily, the used bags from the sanitary containers that are located in each stall, damp wipe each sanitary container with a disinfectant and then put in fresh bags.

We refill the deodorizers if needed.

State Building Maintenance Limited will then pick up the litter and sweep the floor.  We remove the waste and liner from the garbage bins, damp wipe the garbage bins with disinfectant and then put in a new liner.

We wash all sinks, faucets and all surrounding counter space with a disinfectant.

We then dry them with a soft clean cloth.

We clean all mirrors with a glass cleaner.

State Building Maintenance Limited will then meticulously scrub all the toilets and urinals with a disinfecting bowl cleaner by using a scrub brush, which will then be disinfected before the next use.  We will damp wipe with a disinfectant the exterior of each toilet bowl and urinal.

Next we will damp wipe with a disinfectant the walls, the doors, door handles and partition walls inside each cubicle.  We will also damp wipe with a disinfectant the wall tiles around each urinal. Some of our customers request that we put a Para Block in each urinal to reduce the smell.  We will then wash the surrounding floor in each cubicle and around each urinal with a disinfecting solution.

At this time we will also be checking for faucet, toilet, urinal and all other pipe leaks and will report them to the necessary staff so they can be dealt with immediately.

We will check the remainder of all the walls in the rest of the washroom and clean as necessary. Once a month all the walls in the washroom are thoroughly washed.

State Building Maintenance Limited will then light wash all the floors.  Periodically the floors will need to be scrubbed and the grout cleaned depending on the type of flooring material.  Occasionally substances such as tar may be tracked in on shoes and the floor may need a specialized cleaning.

We make note of any lights that are not working and see to it that the problem is corrected.

All the above listed work needs to be performed on a regular basis to keep washrooms fresh and sparkling and your clients and staff satisfied.

As a prospective client is reading this he may question why it is necessary to be constantly using disinfectant.  It is State Building Maintenance Limited’s duty to help keep all clients and staff healthy.  It is our business to eliminate bacteria such as E. coli, etc. that can make all who enter your premises very ill.  Not only are we concerned about the health of your clients and employees but illnesses mean lost work days and lost production for your company.

As you read this you can see that it is a somewhat long and exacting process that is needed to thoroughly clean your washroom facilities.  Our highly trained office cleaning and janitorial staff at State Building Maintenance Limited is only too ready to tackle the most important room in your office complex.  WE DO IT ALL, so please call State Building Maintenance Limited for a free quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at



Office Cleaning Toronto – February 2016


State Building Maintenance Limited is keeping it clean in February

To some “the dog days of summer” are defined as a few weeks in July and August that are the hottest and steamiest and are marked by lethargy and inactivity. Many of us who find the heat oppressive sit around in our office chairs wishing and waiting for the cool breezes of fall. We then suddenly get our energy back and start talking about a thorough fall office cleaning and getting ready for winter.

February falls into that same category, it is the month, unless you love being out in the snow, that we slump in our office chairs and await spring. We are just starting to see signs of spring, the days are brighter, it is no longer dark at 4:30 PM and even an early spring bud may be poking its head out of the ground. But offices will say it is not the right time for that thorough spring cleaning. Offices want to wait until the end of March or even well into April to do their annual spring cleaning.

But we at STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED do recommend that your office cleaning company keep on top of all daily office cleaning. This will make for an easier but thorough spring office cleaning.

You may not want to give your windows a complete cleaning at this time of year and want to wait until spring but we do recommend that you keep cleaning your windows or at least let your cleaning company perform a spot cleaning of your windows on your lower levels so visiting customers enter through spotless doors and see the glisten on your windows. Many of our customers, no matter what the winter brings, have their lower windows cleaned on a monthly basis for this very reason. To create a good impression STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED provides many of our offices and our storefronts with this window cleaning service. It is one less item that our clients have to worry about. We generally do all other floors levels every three months or twice a year but we can set up a program for you of your choosing.

Think of your employees at this time of year as we are still in flu season, it is necessary to keep your soap dispensers topped up, and for those who desire it, we can supply you with an antibacterial soap for these dispensers. Make sure your cleaners are working with an antibacterial product such as a Lysol product in bathrooms and on such items as phones. An antibacterial liquid in a hand dispenser on the front desk is a considerate gesture for your visiting clients. But whether it be flu season or not, it is necessary to always keep a hygienic work place.

We have been lucky in our area of Ontario as we have not had to deal with many major snow storms but we still are scattering crystals in entrances and even on parking lots to protect our staff and clients from falls. These crystals are then carried in on our shoes and boots. Our cleaners do a daily vacuuming of all carpets and if needed they will perform a spot cleaning of these areas. This will help halt the wear and tear of your carpets, so come the spring when State Building Maintenance Limited will perform a deep spring cleaning, we will have prevented major winter damage.

We, at STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED, provide the best products to seal your hard surfaced floors but we also advise a weekly buffing of your floors to maintain a strong barrier against crystals and the damage from footwear.

As we move into spring you will start to see flyers in your mail and colourful emails extolling the virtues of many cleaning companies and they will be offering exceptional discounts. We know there are hundreds of cleaning companies in southern Ontario but be wise in your search for professional office and janitorial cleaners. Please look into their past history. The length of time that they have been in business will attest to their knowledge and reliability, check that they are insured and bonded, are members of WHMIS, ask for referrals and please don’t let them sell you something you don’t need. The lowest priced quote doesn’t always guarantee the job you have the right to expect.

STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCED LIMITED , a professional office cleaning and janitorial cleaning company, offers an individual approach, one size does not fit all, flexible schedules and quality work you can trust.

State Building Maintenance Limited will provide you will a free no obligation quote, so please call us at 416-247-1290 or email us at

Office Cleaning Toronto




Winter has settled into Ontario and now is the time to, as the saying goes, “use an ounce of prevention” in protecting your floors, whether they be vinyl, ceramic, marble, granite, terrazzo, porcelain or hardwood.  State Building Maintenance Limited, a professional and experienced office cleaning and janitorial service, would like to assist you in protecting all your hard floor surfaces from the daily wear and tear of foot traffic by correctly cleaning and then maintaining your floors, this in turn will prove cost effective and also create a lasting impression upon visiting clients.

In general, floors should be cleaned on a daily basis, especially if we are dealing with a busy office with many employees and/or clients.  If you have a smaller work area and less traffic, whether it be an office or a store, State Building Maintenance Limited will set up a one-time clean or a cleaning program to suit your needs.  Every time we come in to clean it will mean soaking up any visible moisture, a sweeping of your floors and then a damp mopping to keep on top of the grime and dust that has accumulated.  If the shine on your floor is losing its lustre we will give your floors a buffing to bring back that glossy look.  If we see wear and tear, that means we will perform a recoating.  If something major has damaged your finish such as a renovation we will remove the old finish and reapply it.

We are specialist in floor cleaning and deal with all materials.  If you call us for a free no obligation cleaning quote we will come in and determine what your floor is made of and discuss with you what we can do for you to protect and enhance your floors.  In most cases you are calling us because you are unhappy with the condition of your floors.  When we start a cleaning or maintenance program we remove all previous finishes.  We then take a good look at the floor’s condition and check to see if there is any previous damage and then determine the proper finish to use.  We will pick the correct finish that will offer clarity, buffablity, gloss, hardness and scratch, water and slip resistance.  We also look at a product that can be easily recoated to further protect a floor, especially during our harsh winters as your floors may need extra care, but we also look to a finish that is easily removable with special solutions when it is needed.   Nowadays many people still use the words “waxing the floor” when talking about protecting their floors but modern chemistry has changed floor finishes.  Instead of that thick coating one thinks of when using the word wax we now use synthetic waxes/floor finishes because of their many benefits such as toughness and the ease at which they can flow onto the floor.

Some offices have vast expanses in entrances, in showrooms etc. and would like that mirror-like look on their floors.  This is when State Building Maintenance Limited would recommend burnishing your floors with our specialized machine.   Unlike buffing, which is a rotation at a slower speed, burnishers rotate at about 1000 rpms or more.  These powerful revolutions per minute create a friction, this friction heats up the floor finish which melts back smoothly to that glass like look.

With winter upon us we often rush into an office to get out of the cold and bring along with us roadside salt, snow, slush, bits of crystal de-icers and even tiny bits of gravel. Even if you have put down mats at all entrances, as we recommend, these materials will often still be tracked in throughout an office, taking a heavy toll on your floors.  Although we have put down the most protective finish we have for your type of flooring, in time these elements, especially salt, can etch your finish and make it look dirty and dull.  That is why we want to emphasize the need for regular maintenance. All moisture and grit must be picked up and then the surface damp mopped with clean water and let to dry.  We then recommend a buffing to add to the shine.  To install a new floor is an expensive item for an office so that is why we at State Building Maintenance Limited can’t stress enough the importance of hiring a professional cleaning company to help protect your floors and in the long run save you money.  And nothing speaks more to your clients about your care for their business if you show you care for the appearance of your office.

We will be only too happy to be of service to you so please call State Building Maintenance Limited, a full service office cleaning and janitorial service, at 416-247-1290 or go online at for a free quote.

EVENT CLEAN-UPS & Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Services Toronto, Vaughan & Surrounding Areas

It is at this time of year, when the dark of night settles in early, that many people in Canada celebrate a special holiday. And in most offices, large or small, it is when we want to show our appreciation to our staff, suppliers and customers by wishing them Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year and by often arranging a gathering of some kind. Sometimes offices will cater in a lunch or bring in scrumptious snacks and festive drinks to share with their staff and guests. It is at times like these, in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoying a few hours with co-workers, suppliers and customers that the odd mishap can happen, the spill of cranberry juice, a dribble of eggnog, a blob of greasy salad dressing or a trampled piece of chocolate.

If this happens to your office carpets and to prevent deep staining State Building Maintenance Limited recommends, that as quickly as possible, you scrape up what you can or sponge up any liquids and then give us a call or leave us a note so that when our staff comes in for your nightly cleaning State Building Maintenance Limited knows to address these specific areas. Tell us about the spots and what the spill was if you know the food item as special solutions maybe needed for different classes of spills. Tell us where it happened so that on that same night we can focus on these spots with a thorough spot cleaning of your carpets; or if in a particular location, a sticky residue is difficult to remove from your tile floors we know to give it extra attention. If for some reason it turns out that there are more than a few spots on your carpets State Building Maintenance Limited will go the distance and perform a deep steam cleaning. So whether it be an accidental spill while munching on snacks for four or a major party clean-up after a charity event, WE DO IT ALL, as we are a full service office/janitorial cleaning company. If your special occasion involves an all-day event we recommend that you bring in our PORTER SERVICES for the day.

If you are not one of our regular customers but need some extra help at this time of year we will be only too happy to help you with your cleaning needs, whether it be to clean up after a celebration, a one-time fall/winter clean-up or to provide you with a free quote for a yearly maintenance program that will suit your budget.

As we head into the winter season it means that snow and slush will soon be traipsed into your offices so it is essential that businesses put down heavy duty mats in their entrances, they will absorb the moisture, prevent falls and protect your floors. State Building Maintenance Limited will supply these mats at a reasonable cost. To prevent falls we also recommend that you purchase de-icer pellets that can be spread day or night on sidewalks and entranceways. We can also supply these products. As these pellets can be tracked in on your foot apparel your cleaning company needs to focus on these areas when vacuuming. In time these pellets can leave white stains on your entrance mats so they will need a specific type of cleaning with a particular solution but don’t be concerned as State Building Maintenance Limited can easily correct this problem with our winter rinse. So please call State Building Maintenance Limited at 416-247-1290 or contact us at

At this time of year we at STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED are reflecting back on the past year and are thinking about the people who have helped our business grow, our experienced and dedicated staff, our knowledgeable suppliers and our valued customers. We thank our employees for their hard work and commitment to our company and our suppliers for their first-rate products. We especially want to express our appreciation to our customers for their confidence and loyalty to State Building Maintenance Limited. We value our relationship with you and look forward to working with you in 2016.

So whether you are celebrating the arrival of the winter season by bringing into work that hot chocolate or peppermint tea, or just looking to the New Year as a fresh start with new resolve,





Have you ever entered an office and found their flooring a bit too slippery underfoot or have you had to grab on to something to stop yourself from slipping when walking over a wet patch on a hard floor surface such as marble or vinyl?   The solution to those problems would be carpeting.  There are safety advantages to carpeting, if one does slip or takes a tumble over something left on the floor, carpeting acts as a cushion and reduces the chance of serious injury.  And when the odd item is knocked off a desk carpets lessen the chance of breakage.   Offices often avoid carpeting because they believe them difficult to maintain but the solution to that would be to hire a professional cleaning company such as STATE BUILDING MAINTENTANCE LIMITED and set up a yearly cleaning program.  If you have or are planning on installing carpeting in your office our company recommends a nightly vacuuming with a commercial vacuum, spot cleaning as needed and at least a yearly deep cleaning of all carpets, depending on their usage.

A benefit that might surprise our customers would be that carpets aid in reducing allergy symptoms. Most people would think the opposite to be true but carpets assist in decreasing those itchy eyes and runny noses by trapping air borne particles such as pollen, dust mite feces and every day dust deep into their fibres.   Then these allergens are not constantly being recirculated.  And after a thorough nightly vacuuming and spot cleaning by our company, part of our daily office cleaning program, the carpet is revived. It is similar to replacing a furnace filter so in the morning the newly vacuumed carpet can once again do its job.

Another bit of information that is important to know is that emissions from new carpets are amongst the lowest of any furnishings and what remains in the air after an installation does not linger longer two days.  No formaldehyde is used in the manufacturing of carpets and the latex that is used in the backing is a synthetic so it is not associated with latex allergies.  If you are still the least bit concerned about allergies there are now even lower emitting carpets.

We know that offices can be somewhat noisy with the sounds of office machinery such as keyboards, printers and phones plus the usual hum of office chatting and of course the footsteps of employees.  Carpets will reduce the clatter of foot traffic, lessen the intensity of sound from equipment and can hush the noise of chatter. Carpeting can even be added to walls to absorb even more sound. When carpeting is utilized throughout all offices and corridors it will dampen office noise in the entire facility.

Carpets can make a statement and set the tone in an office. There are many thicknesses, patterns, colours and textures of carpets to choose from depending on what kind of office you have and the foot traffic in your office.  You can chose a calming colour to encourage quietness in an area or if your company is showing off a product, the product should be the focal point against a neutral background.  Whereas bright colours can draw attention to a certain area or add energy.

As half of our year is either chilly or snowy, and even in summer some office air conditioners can make it feel like December, carpeting can add warmth to an office. Carpeting adds R value to an office and could possibly reduce heating costs.  There is nothing more pleasing underfoot than the cushioning effect of carpeting.

STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED would like to offer our services to your company.  Besides a traffic areas, kitchen areas if they are carpeted and in winter, entrance mats must be used to prevent falls and protect floors. The entrance mats will need to be cleaned more often in winter because of the staining from de-icers and the moisture brought in on shoes. STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED offers deep steam extraction, rotary cleaning and will use anti-static solutions if requested.

We, at State Building Maintenance Limited, in business since 1963, a top-rated full service cleaning company, know that carpeting is an expensive investment for your office but when your carpets are properly maintained, whether it be wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs or carpet tiles, carpets will offer all these benefits for many years to come.  But it is imperative that you hire a professional cleaning company that has an extensive knowledge of carpet fibres and are experts in correct cleaning methods and the use of effective cleaning solutions.  We will gladly work with all our customers to set up the most cost effective maintenance program to suit your budget.  Please call STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED for a free quote at 416-247-1290 or email us at



SBML Office Window Cleaners

pic1Our customers do feel the need to clean their windows when winter is over and it is essential to remove winter’s grime but summer creates its own messy problems that can leave your windows dirty looking. We, at State Building Maintenance Limited, a leading and reliable provider of window, office and carpet cleaning, in business since 1963, would like to offer our services in removing the remnants of summer grunge.

Customers will often notice sap droplets on their cars if their cars are parked under a tree but they will not quickly notice that if a tree is close to a window that sap will often rub or drop onto their windows, frames and ledges. As sap is such a sticky substance a quick clean will only smudge the glass.  The longer the sap remains on the windows and frames the harder it will be to remove but a professional window cleaner working with a commercial grade degreaser will be able to cut through the sap.  And as the bugs of summer hibernate and/or die and as many birds go south, fall is an excellent time to remove bug splatters and bird droppings from windows.  Bird droppings can be especially corrosive to window frames.

You want, for many reasons during the fall and winter seasons, to keep your windows clean. Outdoor light streaming through your office windows is a natural work stimulus for your employees, and in some cases you may not need to turn on as many lights, therefore saving on electrical bills. Glistening windows also create a favourable impression to visiting customers.  It speaks to the care you give to your company.

So we, at State Building Maintenance Limited, experienced and trustworthy window cleaners, will be only too happy to supply your company with a free quote, whether it be for a fall window cleaning or to set up a yearly program that will suit your budget needs and keep your windows sparkling.



State Building Maintenance Limited, in business since 1963, are experts in the cleaning and maintaining of carpets. We would like to supply our customers with some general information if they are thinking of replacing or installing carpeting.

Office traffic can take its toll on your carpet’s lifespan and we at State Building Maintenance Limited have seen, at times, incorrect recommendations for the type of carpet you should be installing in your office. It is not always the most expensive carpet that will fit your needs. Another salient point would be the type of backing your carpet has. It can greatly affect the cleaning method that will be needed as well as the solutions that can be used.   We, at State Building Maintenance Limited, recommend that when installing new carpets you do much research on carpet materials before placing an order and do not be swayed by end of the roll sales. Please talk to your carpet cleaning service for advice before laying a new carpet.

Typically carpets are made of nylon, olefin, polyester or wool. Each fibre has strengths and weaknesses and that must be taken into account when picking out a carpet fibre. Carpet fibres react differently, some will flatten easily and will not stand up to foot traffic, others will absorb oil- based compounds, and no carpet fibre is perfect.


Advance Nylon, Nylon 6 – Of the most commonly used fibres the new nylons can be one of the most expensive but a more cost effective fibre in the long run. It is the strongest synthetic fibre, therefore making it excellent for commercial use. It stands up well to foot traffic and has excellence stain resistance.

Olefin – Because of the dying method used in its manufacturing olefin is resistant to sunlight fading.   Olefin can be used for outdoor carpets as it has a built in resistance to mildew and moisture. It also has superior stain resistance except for oil-based stains. It is not the most resilient of fibres as it can mat and crush easily.

Polyester – This fibre is not as durable as nylon although it is non-allergenic, resists mildew, is fade resistant, stain resistant and comes in array of colours. It feels soft to the touch. It is susceptible to crushing and will absorb oil-based stains although cleans easily.

Wool – It is an excellent natural material and soft to the touch. It is the most expensive of all carpets but offers durability, flame resistance and repels water naturally. It is ecologically renewable. Wool does require special care. Carpet cleaning solutions used on other kinds of carpets can damage wool carpets so one should rely on a carpet cleaning company that is experienced in the cleaning of wool carpets.

Broadloom can add a luxurious look to your office, add warmth, absorb some sound and help prevent falls.



Carpet tiles, compared to wall-to-wall carpeting, are easy to transport, install and store.

They come in an array of colours and different materials.

Carpet tiles made of shorter and tougher fibres such as nylon are better suited when used in heavy traffic areas such as offices.

For those who choose to go the environmentally friendly route you can chose bamboo tiles.

If one tile is badly damaged it can easily be replaced.


If you are sensitive to chemicals you may react to their adhesive backing.

The old glue must be completely removed when laying down a new square.

It needs to be laid on a completely smooth, hard surfaces as it does not easily adhere to rough areas, such as blobs of concrete that have been left on the floor from previous construction jobs. And it will never create that continuous luxurious affect that some offices demand.

Installing carpeting is an expensive cost to offices so we at State Building Maintenance Limited want to help you prolong the quality and the colour of your carpets. We will set up a cost effective program to suit your needs. Whatever your company choses, wall-to-wall, carpet tiles or area rugs, State Building Maintenance Limited will pick the correct cleaning method, the proper solutions and send in expert employees to care for your carpets. Please call us at 416-247-1290

A FALL CHECK LIST – Office Cleaning


Summer has come to a close and the evening shadows fall a lot sooner so now is a right time to take stock of what you need to do for your buildings and offices in dealing with the fall and winter seasons.

In cleaning, one doesn’t often think about landscaping but if you own a building now is the time to take a good look at the land surrounding your building. Besides the usual cutting and watering of lawns walk around your property and remove plants that have not survived the summer so that mold or blackspot that may be on them will not affect soils. At this time of year you will see sales on evergreens and trees, with warm days and cool nights it is an excellent time to plant evergreens and trees as they still have time to set up a good root system. As long as temperatures stay above freezing you need to keep on watering all trees and evergreens. If you enjoy the look of spring flowers such as tulips and daffodils now is the time to plant those bulbs. A good start to a healthy lawn next year is to spread on a top quality fall fertilizer.

It is time to take a walk around your building and look at items that may cause problems for you during the next six months. Check all garbage bins that have sitting outside, whether they be a heavy metal or cement, inspect them to see if they are worn and need to be replaced. Make sure that they are always lined with a heavy duty poly liner. Also check your sidewalks for grimy residue, pop spills, gum etc. Gum should be scraped up and the sidewalks washed. Take a good look at the caulking around windows and doors and if it has deteriorated have the caulking replaced. Caulking helps keep your windows clear of moisture between the panes and also helps to stop drafts. Now is the time to give your entrance doors and interior and exterior windows and window frames a good washing to remove summer dust and acid rain. Nothing is more attractive to a building’s facade than pristine windows. This indicates hands on management.

In some offices, windows can still be left open so everyday dust and allergens will seep in. In other offices, windows are tightly sealed and the AC is continuously running in the summer and circulating the same dusty air throughout, even if there is an air cleaning system. So besides giving all windows a good washing at this time of year, your venetian blinds, your cloth partitions, all soft materials and carpets should be cleaned. We are trying to, AT THIS TIME OF YEAR, clear your offices of the fecal matter that has been left behind by dust mites, allergens from pollen and the general grime that has been dragged in on your shoes. A fall cleanup of these items will reduce illnesses and lost work days.

Thinking back to last winter, ask yourself if you had enough mats for your entrances to be able to soak up autumn rains and melting snows. At the same time ask yourself if at the end of last winter did your cleaning company give them a good scrubbing to remove winter stains and let them dry before they put them away until the next fall. Make sure that the mats you have are commercial grade mats, heavy in weight so that they lay flat so that clients will not trip over them. They also need to have the proper kind of backing so that they do not easily slide around and cause someone to fall. State Building Maintenance Limited will gladly supply your company with new mats or re-clean your old mats.

Some winters are kind to us and some are fierce. Take a look in your storage room and see if you have any bags of ice melt leftover from last year. If not, fall time is the time to stock up on these as we cannot forecast what the fall and winter will be like, despite what your meteorologist may tell you. It is often too late to purchase ice melters when ice or snow is on the ground. There have been some very icy winters that have left us in short supply. There are a wide range of de-icing preparations that can be used on sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. Some are made of all natural ingredients, some are safer to use around landscaping, pets and cement, some don’t leave a powdery residue and some of these also provide good traction.

We at STATE BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED will be only too happy to go through a fall check list with you, answer any of your questions and offer our cleaning services. Please call 416-247-1290